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1000 Glorious Smoke - Free Days and Stories to Share

Posted in Quit experiences 03 Aug 2021

It was Easy. The Mindset makes it possible.

I never thought I could quit, stumbled into in actually. Once believing that I could quit like millions of others, I did.

I think forums like this are invaluable, yet many don't need them. I needed to believe and so i did.

I found others who also quit with a mindset that they swear helped.

Allan Carr is the the free e-book and make quitting easy.

Today I went through my many stories and chose this one:


The other day I was reminded of a dear lady who thought that she was weak and pathetic.

She adopted the mindset and quit her patches with no withdrawal. Even nicotine withdrawal does not have to be hard. That was my hardest 3 days and none afterwards. People call it cold-turkey, I called it smart turkey because of the mindset, and Pisces called her quit COLD CHICKEN. Priceless. A good read with humour. I hope you enjoy it

You can change how you see smoking . See the picture of the evil nicoman, and look beyond to see what he doesn't want you to see........intriguing.

Once we have opened our eyes and hearts to the truth, we have no need to go back. Our happy futures await us.

Celebrate with me, read and learn. Be a winner and share your glory with us.

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  • Happiness August 03, 2021 | 23:11
    Pisces left us after an altercation. A wonderful lady .

    Safe.,,,,,, I apologize SIR, for the gender mistake

    Puff-No-More you too are an inspiration . You really toughed it out. And WON!

    Red, and Robn who I first found to confirm my belief in the MINDSET. Thank you.

    And thanks to all who take time to post , share and encourage each other to success. We can quit smoking. We are not alone. We can open our eyes and see a brighter future.

  • Safe2017 August 04, 2021 | 0:40
    Congrats Happiness, You are a lighting guide to many. No problem for gender mistake. LOL.
  • Percy Verence August 04, 2021 | 2:45
    Congratulations! In the blink of an eye, it'll be your 3 year anniversary.

    Inspiring! Keep posting and keep the camp fire burning for new arrivals. x
  • Jessfreeof, Northern NSW August 04, 2021 | 5:13
    Congratulations Happiness on your 1000 Glorious smoke free days 🙌 Amazingly Super Fantastic ❤️
  • Red-67 August 04, 2021 | 6:20
    That's GREAT. A nice even number..
    But you will never catch me.. haha
    You have been a bright light for many here. Give yourself a pat on the back.
    You deserve one :)
  • Happiness August 04, 2021 | 7:41
    Thank you Red. So do you and so many others here. I only wish that everyone could quit smoking as smoothly as we did. I will keep trying to help in freeing more from the terrible vice. We know that we can stop smoking easily when we CHOOSE to.
  • NOPE-2021 August 04, 2021 | 7:52
    Congratulations on your success! From the amount of posts I read from you, you should know that you are truly a coach. A coach to help so many of us that need a little encouragement. Thank you for your time and consideration.
  • Leeann , Central Coast August 04, 2021 | 8:22
    Congratulations Happiness, look at you go!! You are a coach to so many, your kindness is truly appreciated. You give valuable advice to so many members, old and new. You are a champion🤍👏👍😊
  • softly40, Mid North Coast August 04, 2021 | 8:23
    Although, I never got a mention...Congratulations Happiness on 1,000 o freedom.
  • Happiness August 04, 2021 | 9:20
    You're the best softly. We can Always count on you to offer your helpful comments and insights about Champix and positive thinking. I didn't mention Nadia Davos either. Some things I leave to the master....
  • Aniruddha August 04, 2021 | 12:49
    Congratulations!! I stopped by to share my 3 years quit today but instead I will enjoy your achievement along with mine.
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW August 04, 2021 | 20:37
    Oh-Yeah, that's right! I done it tough.
    I honour the smoker who needed to stop smoking- not necessarily wanted to.
    LMfhO. haha.
    I might have tongue in cheek (above) and I should have reached 1000th before you sister, although, I did cave-in, to a 'void', not just once.
    I'm 456 days behind and that will never change from this end.
    Happy Celebrations.
  • Happiness August 05, 2021 | 0:03
    Congratulations Aniruddha! 3 years and how they pass so quickly. I remembered you well despite the date stamp.
    An unplanned quit and wonderful memories of your vacation with your son. It's funny what causes us to just one day make the most wonderful changes in our lives. I am honoured to share this special day with you .
    Last post indicated that you were well and happy, and in fine shape. Enjoy the wonderful life that you have chosen for yourself. We deserve it.

    Why not post your story and help others on their journey. It will be a wonderful read.
  • Happiness August 05, 2021 | 0:22
    Thank you to all who responded on this special milestone. You , each and every member contribute to my dopamine levels every day. I look forward to reading about each and every journey. I feel that we are friends and that we can count on each other. That makes me smile and gives me a sense of purpose .every day
    My good deed.
    Again, thank you my friends.
  • Swapnil August 06, 2021 | 16:53
    Congratulations happiness. You are a legend. Your story is the inspiration for all of us.
  • Salby, Northern Sydney August 09, 2021 | 22:36
    Congratulations Happiness it’s such an inspirational story and your outcome has been so successful, I can only wish to take the Mindset and adopted it in my journey thank you 🙏
  • Lia August 11, 2021 | 20:41
    Hi Happiness. Belated congratulations on achieving 1000 days of freedom and best wishes for your future health and wealth.

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