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Reasons to Quit

  • Health

    “I know that smoking is bad, I just didn't think it would happen to me. I've had trouble breathing. Turns out I've got emphysema.” Peter, Campsie

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  • Family

    “I quit smoking, because I want to be around to see my daughter get married.” Bob, Sydney

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  • Finances

    “I gave up the ciggies two years ago. So far, I've saved $10,000, I'm taking my wife on the holiday of her dreams.” Ben, Woy Woy

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Stories from the iCanQuit Community

  • day one

    green tree / 6 stories

    after 13 years of smoke days. today i am smoke free. it is a great pleasure to me..thank god i just throw away the nasty habit. free from 3000 chemic...

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  • As I approach day 100

    Threds / 5 stories

    Today is day 95 of my quit journey. Day 100 is fast approaching. I haven't logged into this site for a number of weeks as I have been trying all avoi...

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  • Here I go...

    Winni / 9 stories

    i have just quit cold turkey. In the middle of the day. After numerous attempts to stop, I just went for it! Hold thumbs.

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