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Stories from the iCanQuit Community

  • Proud as punch

    Leeann , Central Coast / 11 stories

    Hi all, I am 7 months quit on Saturday yeeha!! My husband has quietly joined me in my quit journey, he doesn't talk about it much, but he announced t...

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  • 1016

    storm, Murrumbidgee / 35 stories

    Unbelievable 1016 days without a cigarette i remember when i first joined this group i thought i would never make it. The idea that i could get th...

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  • You are now a non smoker

    cough cough cough, Illawarra Shoalhaven / 19 stories

    Hi Gus and Girls , 6 years now . Feeling great , 2187 days $55,000 dollars . Good food , good wine , good regular holidays , good hobbies . Growing o...

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