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Reasons to Quit

  • Health

    “I know that smoking is bad, I just didn't think it would happen to me. I've had trouble breathing. Turns out I've got emphysema.” Peter, Campsie

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  • Family

    “I quit smoking, because I want to be around to see my daughter get married.” Bob, Sydney

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  • Finances

    “I gave up the ciggies two years ago. So far, I've saved $10,000, I'm taking my wife on the holiday of her dreams.” Ben, Woy Woy

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Stories from the iCanQuit Community

  • 13 weeks - a quarter of a year

    Fullofhope, South Eastern Sydney / 68 stories

    Just hit the thirteen week mark and glad that this was a reason to celebrate. There have been some relatively easy weeks for a couple but the last t...

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  • Over 1 year

    Will-I-Can, Murrumbidgee / 4 stories

    Well its 384 days since my last ciggie. I would of posted on here on my 1year anniversary date but I wasn't in the office as I was on a 2 week holida...

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  • 60 big ones

    nodrah / 12 stories

    Hi all, Well here we are and its day 60 already, what a journey it has been but happy to say now IF I get a slight inkling or symptom I just smile. ...

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