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Smoke Free 6 Months

Posted in Quit experiences 18 Mar 2021

Hi all,

Good day

I just want to share my happiness of being smoke-free for 6 months with you as happiness increases if you share it with someone.

It was Sep 15, 2020, when I decided to quit smoking suddenly and found that this was the best decision of my life. I read Allen Carr's book, experiences of all here on iCanQuit. That helped me a lot while quitting.

Although it was an easy journey to quit smoking for me(I was on duty on board a merchant ship when I quit smoking) but when I got signed off and came home for holidays(in January end), cravings struck me several times as I had the habit of using dipping tobacco at home. Thanks to the iCanQuit website and community once again.

Initially, I gained weight of about 14kg but now I am on the track of my weight loss journey too and doing pretty well. After quitting smoking, my confidence was at another level and this confidence helped me in quitting sugar as well(i quit sugar on 25th Feb)

I feel fresh and energetic after quitting tobacco and sugar. That weakness or intermediate blackouts while walking are disappeared now. Mild Coughing also disappeared and experiencing many more benefits.

In nutshell, I am really happy that I could break the chains of a monster named tobacco and from now on I decided to celebrate my birthday on 15th September.

Thank you for reading!

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  • PuffNoMore , Southern NSW March 18, 2021 | 18:35
    Its truly liberating to me (on my birthday, of all days,too.) And to read that you my friend has totally exuded the confidence to announce a feeling of freedom from that Stupid, Subtle but silent killer of a weed called TOBACCO.

    Nice going Swapnil. & congratulations my merchant transporting friend.

  • Happiness March 18, 2021 | 23:07
    Happy Birthday Swapnil!

    Let us help celebrate your birthday every year. Awesome post and yes quitting can be easy when we are excited and happy about our choice.
  • Swapnil March 23, 2021 | 1:39
    Thank you PuffNoMore & Happiness for your courageous comments!
  • PuffNoMore , Southern NSW March 23, 2021 | 2:10
    My advice is to stick it out from the tobacco/ nicotine trap, Our lungs are not made of brick , stone or Steel pipe exhaust chimney to rid of smoke pollution. The smoke gets a passage through every part of our cells organs before it leaves the human body.
    It damages cells in our blood system and should not be added to our respiratory system like any carcinogenic smoke from any combustible burning from any smoke.
    Its easier to replace a exhaust pipe.
    not easy to replace a human lung.
  • Swapnil March 24, 2021 | 0:57
    Exacty PuffNoMore, these are some of the thoughts which helps me keep away from smoking.
  • Safe2017 March 25, 2021 | 3:36
    Awesome1 Congrats.

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