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Can't do it

Posted in Quit experiences 08 Sep 2020

I can't quit, taken champix for just over two weeks and although I'm smoking considerably less from 20 to 3 a day I can't stop taking 3 and I'm passed my quit date.


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  • jessfreeof, Northern NSW September 08, 2020 | 11:55
    Hi Vincent maybe alter your quit date? Keep going with it 3 is closer to quitting than 20. I did the whole drop done thing than back up again than back down again. Never ever give up on trying to quit. I heard someone say our bodies are machines that were NOT made for smoking so it is stupid to make a machine not made for smoking smoke. It is not right or wrong it is just stupid. I really related to it. I started googleing free meditations on quitting smoking and found some that helped me. I am now on day 40 something smoke free with a slip on day 19. Some folks have been able to go cold turkey with using their willpower alone I am not one of those folks. I have been a work in progress to get to where I'm at I guess I'm a tortoise not a hare. Keep coming along and be gentle and supportive of yourself. This is a marvelous place to be so many people sharing what has and has not worked for them. It is a very supportive place to be if you wish to become a nonsmoker. You have gone from 20 down to 3 a day i recon if you start taking deep breaths you may find your lungs are feeling just that bit better on that effort alone so well done to you. Give yourself credit where credts due sometimes it's progress not perfection. Explore all the avenues of support that will help in supporting you in your quest in becoming a non smoker things that nurture you. Well wishes with it all and I'm looking forward to sharing your progress ✍️
  • jessfreeof, Northern NSW September 08, 2020 | 11:58
    Oops meant to say looking forward to you sharing your progress ☺️
  • Talal, South Eastern Sydney September 08, 2020 | 14:29
    Down to 3 from 20 is great progress Vincent. You should be proud of that.. if you wanna drop it further, have you tried splitting cigarette? Smoke only half and keep the half for second time.
  • Happiness September 08, 2020 | 20:36
    Hi Vincent. Never say never and CAN'T is not a positive word and should not be uttered here Read our stories and learn about you and nicotine. Everyone is different and reacts differently . Champix is an aid to quitting smoking, but also requires you to do your part. .It is an addiction. A legal one but an addiction all the same. Change your mind as to how you feel about smoking, desire your freedom back . All this knowledge really will give you more determination and the DESIRE to quit smoking. Not willpower as much as a NEED to change. A WANT. These positive feelings to the process of quitting smoking make it much easier and lasting. you CAN quit smoking. I am sure many of us felt the same way as you starting out. We did it. You will too.
  • softly40, Mid North Coast September 09, 2020 | 7:29
    Welcome Vincent, you can do it and you know you can. Simply make another quit date that's it. I was on champix and the instructions let you know the approximate guidelines to follow, these are only guidelines, your 2nd date is the one you choose. Good advice above and keep in touch we are all here for you.
  • vincent September 09, 2020 | 10:17
    Thank you for your supportive words. I'm truly trying my best and am not trying to be negative just honest.
    The champix has taken away the nicotine high even when I do smoke so I'm going to try Talal's advice and have half, that way I should be able to get down to one and a half tomorrow. I've set a new quit date for Thursday following JessFreeOf's advice also. Thank you to everyone who has replied, I wasn't expecting this much support and it has touched me.
    As I'm in the UK I can't call the helpline so this is a lifeline to me thanks again.
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW September 10, 2020 | 23:16
    Hi Vince, Try not to worry about the time-line your on. Some people have taken 3 or 4 weeks on champix before they Quit.
    It doesnt matter what or how we do the Quit. The only thing that matters is the last time we smoke our last. Only then, we can start declaring ownership of our future non-smoker status. Unfortunately, most genuine NON-SMOKERS have to go through it.
    Stick with it my pommie comrade.
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW September 10, 2020 | 23:35
    In other words Vince,
    Take one giant step for yourself, when your ready. Its nope.
    Not one puff for ever more.
    That is how to get the Stupid addiction over and done with.
    Its awkward to begin , but believe me,. Its worth it.
  • Happiness September 11, 2020 | 9:56
    You CAN do this and it an it sooo worth it!
  • Danzaa September 11, 2020 | 18:51
    it takes time trust you are winner few steps more and you will get there

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