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Posted in Reasons to quit 16 Jul 2020

Hi all surgery was a success and all is good

It's make such a difference with not smoking

Didn't need extra oxygen and feeling much better this time round.

But one puff ever

Hope everyone has a nice weekend

I will be in hospital for 1 night and resting up woth the tv and a view 🤣🤞💪🚭🚭

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  • Safe2017 July 16, 2020 | 23:17
    Congratulations and stay strong. Cheers to you.
  • softly40, Mid North Coast July 17, 2020 | 7:47
    So pleased for you Gemma, you must be so proud of yourself. Yes keep on saying NOPE (not one puff ever) it is even more important now that the surgery is over.
  • Gemma23 July 17, 2020 | 8:52
    Thanks for great comments head is a little sore but I am doing well.
    O yes no smoking now not after.more surgery be healing the best I can got through 1st 12 hours so that's good.
    The more days no smoking the more I do not have a urge to smoke
    It's a good feeling to be feeling some what free and normal
    To wake up and not crave the filthy ciggeraties
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW July 17, 2020 | 20:58
    Great to hear you're doing well now.

    Great news for me also. My tongue biopsy came up negative, so cancer free!
    I;ve put myself on a waiting list for some dentistry. after too many years of heavy smoking, i have some gum disease and some very bad teeth!
    After 161 days (23 weeks) of savings $$$. I may be able to afford to see a dentist one or twice!?????$$$$$$$$$$/
  • Happiness July 17, 2020 | 21:36

    Wonderful news for me to wake to this morning. I am so happy for both you Gemma and PuffNoMore who were blessed with good news. Keep up the great mindset. Be proud and SMILE.

  • Gemma23 July 17, 2020 | 21:40
    I am hoping still what they have found is not a bad thing I have a week to.wait for results but the surgery was a success
    Got a war wound but what doesn't kills us makes us stronger. I have fingers and toes crossed my results will be nagitive alot 🤞🤞

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