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5Month+ Born Again...New version..No smoking

Posted in Quit experiences 18 Feb 2019

Dear All,

You are my extended family here coz trust me that I can share without hesitation on this platform that once upon a time.. I was a SMOKER.

Yes I had no courage to socially admit to my family and friends (except the smoker company).

I always wanted to quit and this portal has helped me to stay connected and motivated as I can share my joy of quitting which I couldn't otherwise anywhere else.

I am 5 month strong now with zero smoke since 15 Sep last year.

Two days back, I had been to a party and everything was just amazing..Weather, ambience, friends, music..

This had been a perfeCt combo deal for me to invoke my nicotine instincts without fail ..Right from start to end of party.

I again recalled about having a smoke yesterday but the thought was momentarily and passed out with me smiling at myself that I am still free but not free in some ways..

Dear friends,

In the beginning quitting is intenttional effort ..After a while no smoking is part of life..You need not to actually do anything to avoid it BUT BUT BUT

Don't let ur gaurd down..Ever.. Even a single drag can bring u to square one..

There is nothing bad if I say that you need to be afraid of that one single slip..

Remember when. U started , mostly u started with an intention of trying or for show off ..Knowing that it's not good and here u r.. ended up in a journey to quit and feel good about quitting

So again my point is if u have just quit, don't out ur way to one month smoke free and then nature will take care of u. Only continuious effort is to ensure that u smile and walk away from those random moments inviting you to try it again.. :)☺️

Love you all.

Thanks for being there

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  • Happiness February 19, 2019 | 3:08
    I think that being comfortable with our quits is the balance needed. Yes, as addicts to nicotine we must always realize that One puff will set us back to square one. However, i do feel that we have to stop fearing that potential risk, but rather believe that we have come through this and know that we are stronger for it. Educating ourselves about our addiction, nicotine, how it works, how we have tools to win our fights to freedom will also help us to remain free. You will not unlearn what we have taken from this experience. At some point we have to feel normal without the cigarette, without thought or fear. Thanks for sharing Ravisca, great job and advice! Stay strong. Knowledge is power!
  • ravisca2003 February 19, 2019 | 1:12
    Please excuse my typos and brevity. Connected using handheld device
  • ravisca2003 February 19, 2019 | 1:03
    Please excuse my typos and brevity. Connected using handheld device
  • ravisca2003 February 19, 2019 | 1:01
    Wonderful articulation..
    "Subconciously..i was a aapkee who chose not to smoke"

    How true !!

    I feel everyone of us are still and will always be in the journey of quitting and staying away from the monster in some ways

    Only thing which can help us to realize that the monster is not hone..Only in active because we have stop ped feeding him..

    We have to learn to live together BUT on our own terms .
  • Safe2017 February 19, 2019 | 0:05
    Terrific accomplishment ravisca2003,
    You are absolutely right on, one can't let their guard down ever. I am talking from personal experience. Once I quit for just over 2 years and with just one puff I was right back to square one. Took me 10 more years to find enough courage to quit again. Stayed smoke free just over one year and stupidly I smoked just one cig, and I was right back to square one again. I will say that during my previous quits, subconsciously I was still a smoker who chose not to smoke. Fast forward 10 more years and this time around in my mind I am a non-smoker with a NOPE attitude - Not One Puff Ever. State of mind is critical key to a successful quit. All the best you and all fellow quitters and thanks for sharing your story. Stories like yours validate my resolve. Good luck.
  • ravisca2003 February 18, 2019 | 23:41
    Hi dear,
    Thanks for your comment. My message about one month is for the new quitters who are counting days and minutes without smoking.

    After one month, life will become easy comparatively but the battle is not yet over
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW February 18, 2019 | 19:12
    always good to hear from you ravisca2003 and that you have made the separation permanent and happy...Is your main point that once you got over 1 month without a smoke, that, its game over for it? Apart from keeping your guard up for temptation or triggers

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