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Posted in Getting started 11 Jul 2022

I have smoked since I was 22yo, surprised at myself how quickly I became addicted. I have had a couple of cold turkey attempts where I became aggressive in my speech and physically. I have identified that I need a pacifier.

I have my first appointment on the 20th with my GP to get support for my journey. So far I have managed to cut down my 15-20 a day habit to 8-10 using a vape while I'm in public or outside of my home. I still have a fair way to go, but I feel accepting that I wholeheartedly what to quit and am willing to seek help could be the beginning.

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  • Happiness July 11, 2022 | 10:45
    Welcome to this wonderful community and of course we know not only support your decision, ut KNOW that you can make it a reality.

    Read, learn, and always stay positive.
    Don't e afraid of the quit, ut emrace it.

    Yes Puff-No -More, I am at the cottage using the old keyoard! I have no letter "after a ".... Still that doesn't stop me!

    We can do what we put our minds and determination into!
  • PuffNoMore , Southern NSW July 15, 2022 | 1:05
    We are wishing you well for when you decide to end your relationship with smoking.
    Sometimes its not easy. Especially these days. Big Tobacco have added increasingly addictive substances in them, even vapes that are reportedly No-Nicotine . So be aware of them.
    Happiness had a very easy Quit. She sometimes reminds people how easy her family Quit smoking too. It can be easy if you have a good head-space or mind-set. She has returned to her wilderness. Her little cottage in Nova Scotia where they smoked home-grown tobacco they bought from the native Indian's. The Tobacco they smoked was not tarnished with secret addictive chemical's Big Tobacco has. It was natural tobacco apart from some fertilizer, if the native growers could afford for that crop?
    Anyway can you send her some Beez. I mean b'sss.
    She is back on the plantation and and cant get to the BIG Super-Mart.

    When your ready, give them away.
    we have.
    FordForce v holdentogether!

  • Happiness July 16, 2022 | 23:11
    LOL Puff-No-More.

    Even if you were correct in some of the above statements, I was a nicotine addict and habitual smoker.

    I am just like any smoker, only I saw how we were manipulated thanks to forums and information. I made the Choice to quit and stopped fearing to make the change. I realized that I had the power to do so. The mindset makes thing so much easier.

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