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5 years and counting.

Posted in Quit experiences 05 Apr 2022

Just over 5 years ago I finally quit. When you first quit smoking Einstein relativity of time concept is immediately put to test. First hours, then days and even months seem to drag on very slowly because your brain is deprived of the most important daily routine that makes you feel normal.

As more time goes by it starts speeding up and you are back to normal and the need to smoke is gone. The only mantra from the early quitting days that remains forever is NOPE - not one puff ever.

Good luck everyone. Believe in yourself. Cheers

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  • Happiness April 05, 2022 | 4:57
    Thank you for insisting we remember NOPE. Sometimes we can get too cocky and think that just one could do no harm. Even Allan Carr cannot get me to put that one to the test. While changing how we think about smoking is a great barrier to slipping back, nicotine is still highly addictive, and we are nicotine junkies.

    Your words of wisdom kept me safe, Safe. I will most certainly remember NOPE and play it Safe!

    Congratulations on your wonderful 5 year milestone! I know you regretted not heeding NOPE and learning the hard way.

    The new mantra.......Play it Safe. always remember NOPE. :)
  • Safe2017 April 05, 2022 | 7:35
    Right on Happiness. A good one - Play it Safe. Thanks for encouragement
  • Safe2017 April 05, 2022 | 7:36
    Right on Happiness. A good one - Play it Safe. Thanks for encouragement

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