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Posted in Staying quit 25 Feb 2022

Hi everyone 😊 I’m 9 months quit 🤗 I used the QuitSure app it helped so much 👍 I also was on patches & nicorette gum. I’m still on nicorette gum & finding it really hard to get of them 😣 can anyone please help??? I also have gained weight & I think it may be the chewing gum as I’m a pretty active person & I try & watch what I eat. Please help

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  • Happiness February 25, 2022 | 15:42
    Hello again Kylie. I am glad to see that you are making a go of it this time around. I do hope that you continue to remember what motivates you through this journey and that you do visit us often and learn about the mindset. We only have to quit smoking once , and you have lived without smoking for many months now. It is what you had hoped for and you are doing it! Be Proud. Be Happy . Nicotine withdrawal is barely perceptible. That's the easy part. Substituting the nicotine gum with a sugar-free gum should be much easier now.

    We have recommended for you to read Allan Carr in your prior quits. I hope that you have read it. Everyone should read it and think of smoking in a different way. I posted a link just yesterday under a story, it is free and invaluable. I don't know why people make quitting smoking so hard for themselves when they could make it much easier. Once you realize the truth about smoking, nicotine, addiction and yourself, you can change how you feel about smoking, and throw it to the wind. Once learned, you will not forget it, especially if you check into this forum from time to time. It is too easy to slip without reminders of the past and the perils. Don't let chance rule.....stay in charge. We did and you can too. Keep up the good work and put an end to the addiction to nicotine. It really is the easy part..... the smoking habit has been broken by your determination, now just change to regular gum.
  • PuffNoMore , Southern NSW February 26, 2022 | 22:51
    you can take care of your weight and your figure in your mirror. that is great. but please, please, DO NOT disregard your lungs, arteries and your heart being poisoned.
    You've done 9 month's without a single smoke, get used to it for the rest of your life!
    It is worth it. .
  • Kylie1979 February 27, 2022 | 6:32
    Thank you 🙏 ❤️

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