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Posted in Hints and tips 16 Oct 2021

Why NOPE? One is one too many, 1000 is never enough...

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  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW October 16, 2021 | 19:54
    With any addiction. If you give'em an inch, they take a mile>
    Personally my motto remains.
    I Don't Smoke-NO MATTER WHAT!
    I still love Not One Puff Ever too.
  • Jessfreeof, Northern NSW October 16, 2021 | 20:59
    I'm hearing ya Lia that's why I stay right away from them 🙌
  • softly40, Mid North Coast October 17, 2021 | 8:17
    Hi Lia, it has been my motto/mantra the whole way through...It has worked for me always. NOPE (not one puff ever) Its good to see so many responders now on this great quit site.
  • Happiness October 19, 2021 | 1:21
    I've seen too many chance their freedom to defy the odds and fail I am grateful and happy to be a non-smoker with all the benefits. I will not trade my freedom to be a smoker for life or to do battle with the nicoman again.

    I love the post Lia. Short and So True!

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