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Posted in Getting started 14 Oct 2021

I ‘ve been smoking for almost 60 years. I quit once for about 5 years. I’ve quit many other times. I used to smoke cigarettes but I’m smoking cheap cigars now. My lungs are bad and getting worse. I have to quit or I think I will die in the next year or two. I smoke in secret. I’m sure my wife knows and some of my golf friends. I am determined to quit this time. I’d appreciate any help I can get in this forum.

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  • Cuba October 15, 2021 | 14:42
    Dear Paidi, I was reading your story and I thought maybe it is your smoking in secret that is keeping you “ in the loop”. You mention playing golf, maybe you can add to that list. You can do it. I smoked for 35 years and decided enough is enough. I had one slip up but got back on track as quick as I could. It is so worth it to quit! Health, money everything. You learn how to deal with stress too. I hope you go well
  • Robn October 15, 2021 | 16:21
    Hi Paidi, well done on your decision to try again. Keep reading the stories on this site. Keep posting on how you are going with your quit. It really does help.
    Yes, they know, they can smell it a mile You need to do this for you and nobody else. Make this quit your whatever it takes to not smoke.
    Read Allen Carr’s book “Easyway to quit smoking” is very good and shows us how smoking controls us and how to change that. Treat yourself to something you enjoy as many times a day as you like....might be a chocolate, a biscuit...what ever. That is the reward for getting through an hour or a day.. you have quit before for five years....reflect on that and how much better you felt about yourself and health wise. You know you can do it....and so do we
  • Happiness October 16, 2021 | 0:41
    SOrry to see you back but glad that you still want to quit. Maybe the time has you rethinking and of course THAT is what is needed' Change your mind and change your life'
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW October 16, 2021 | 20:10
    Ditto there. You may have to hunker down with the Allen Carr book Paidi.
    Try a different approach. Personally I still think sheer determination is the best medicine. Others call it the mindset. Its the same thing.
    All the best sir Paidi.

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