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How can i do this

Posted in Getting started 07 Oct 2021

I want to quit,but cant resist,how can i get mentally in the right place to do this?

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  • Happiness October 08, 2021 | 0:05
    Hello Segan. Welcome.

    I would suggest that you read our stories and the comments given to learn how to obtain the right mindset. There is also a free e-book by Allan Carr which I strongly recommend. Just click on my name above and scroll through my stories until you find it. It is of immense help to many people. Quitting can be easy when it is something that you WANT to do , BELIEVE you can do, and much easier when you understand why you smoked in the first place. Learn how we made excuses for this addiction and bad habit. Drugged and brainwashed! We can CHOOSE to quit and do it easily with the right mindset. I did (my hubby and daughter as well) and I hope others can too.
  • NOPE-2021 October 09, 2021 | 7:39
    Hello Segan and welcome. How can you get your mindset? Everyone is different. Positive affirmations, imagine yourself as a non-smoker. Maybe read from this site and get a feel from other people what worked for them.

    For me, I cut down for 3 weeks. My actual quit day was in the morning, that way I had many hours already as a non-smoker. I thought only about 1 hour at a time in the beginning, then 1 day at a time. Now days just roll by without a thought.

    You need to find what will work for you. Yes, your mental state has to be in the right place, that is something only YOU can do,... and you CAN do it! Some say to repeat N.O.P.E. (Not One Puff Ever). Mine now is, "it's only a thought and this thought will go away"... You will find what works, but do not delay. You need to stop this addiction of yours. We are all addicts and we all have the same goal.

    Set that date and just DO IT. Simple as that. DO IT NOW, sooner than later. You will be proud of yourself to finally rid yourself of this nasty addiction. Keep us posted and remember we were all once where you are now. Best,...
  • Jessfreeof, Northern NSW October 09, 2021 | 8:54
    Read some of the stories here. Call the quit line and have a chat with them 137848. Write out a list of reasons to stop smoking. Start cutting out some of your smokes eg if you have 3 for breakfast have 2. Action action action 👍🙌🙏
  • Segan, South Western Sydney October 09, 2021 | 10:26
    Thanks guys, need all the advice i can get, started yestetday,no cigs since yesyrtday morning. Doc has given me a script for Zyban, going to give it best shot k can!
  • NOPE-2021 October 10, 2021 | 5:42
    Awesome Segan! One day down! Congratulations to a great start. You made a good choice! You took the first step. Realize that you are no different than any of us. If we can do it, YOU can do it! We have all had day #1 and Week #1. We survived, some easier than others, but we made it at least through day and week #1.

    Your doctor knows what might work for you so stick to what your doctor orders. You are on your way. Keep with NO cigs in your day. Take it one hour at a time and don't give up. Should you give up, get back to your quit right away.

    For many of us, it has taken several quits, but for some, it takes only one!! Try to be that type of quitter - quit and never go back,.. never look back... YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Let us know how you are doing. It helps to write posts as well as read posts. You got this!!!
  • Segan, South Western Sydney October 10, 2021 | 18:58
    Not doing too well,first day and still smoked, but a bit less. First day on Zyfan,hope tomorrow i do better.
  • NOPE-2021 October 11, 2021 | 2:19
    It happens. Don't beat yourself up over it. I cut down for 3 weeks. By the time 3 weeks rolled around, I was REALLY ready. Maybe give yourself a few "cut down" days to your quit date? It can be hard for some (it was for me). Maybe say, "tomorrow morning is my quit day" and do it, or at least try,.. until it sticks! I actually did not intend on cutting down for 3 weeks, as I kept saying "tomorrow morning is my quit day" but it did not stick until 3 weeks of cutting down. Towards the end of my 3 weeks, I was disgusted with myself, disappointed in myself and thinking how stupid I was to not be able to quit.

    Something happened... I set the date for a Monday and quit that Monday. Not sure what the answer is for you, but keep quitting. Quit until is "sticks". Best wishes Segan. You CAN do this! Be positive. Breath deep and when you get a craving, wait it out for 1 hour and I think your craving might just pass. One hour at a time, one day at a time..... Oh, I would also suggest go to bed early (that was my escape to night time cravings)... Best...
  • Segan, South Western Sydney October 11, 2021 | 9:43
    Thanjs Nope, appreciate your support, gonba keep trying!
  • NOPE-2021 October 11, 2021 | 10:32
    Keep trying until it "STICKS"!!! :-) Your day will come sooner or later. Try to read a BUNCH of stuff from this site to gain strength and encouragement. Many do not get there until they have several quits under their belts. Hang in there and keep quitting ! One of the quits will stick,... totally believe that is true!!! It will not happen unless you believe you can do it. So just believe my friend!! Stick to your plan to be a non-smoker! You WILL be successful Can you see yourself smoking forever? No,... there needs to be a point in time where you just stop.

    This is kinda how I felt about it. You just cannot picture yourself smoking forever. Don't quit on quitting. We are all behind you. This group is compassionate and eager to help the ones that WANT to be helped... You WANT this Segan! Have a good smoke-less day! I don't want to nag you,.. but I think you know where I am coming from. You need to put your head in the right mindset to get this addiction out of your life forever. One day, then two days,... at least get through 3 days which is when the nicotine leaves your body.... Best,...
  • Segan, South Western Sydney October 11, 2021 | 10:39
    Hi Nope, you are right,gotta stick it out,thanks for being there for me!
  • Segan, South Western Sydney October 11, 2021 | 18:38
    Not too bad today, only had about 5 smokes. Have run out,going to try not to buy another pack tomorrow. Getting a bit easier to go longer without a smoke.
  • NOPE-2021 October 17, 2021 | 5:20
    Ok now,.. it has been a few days. On the wagon or off the wagon? Either way, keep on this site and read, read, read. You WILL quit one day, (if not already) and you will do yourself a favor for quitting. It helps ALL aspects of your life. Just checking in to let you know there are people out here that are cheering you on. You got this!!!
  • Segan, South Western Sydney October 17, 2021 | 9:48
    Hi, bit of both,smoking about half of what i used to,nearly thete,almost in the right frame of mind,just gotta try a bit harder!
  • NOPE-2021 October 17, 2021 | 11:11
    At least you are smoking less. That's what I did. I tried to quit on a daily basis for 3 weeks. Some days I actually did not smoke at all. I finally got my mind in the right place. I set the date. It seems to take "practice". I wish it were easier for everyone, but to tell you the truth, it's not. Some of us have a hard time getting that "mindset". Sometimes, I just simply "force" myself. I do have urges now and then but it passes.

    Keep doing what you are doing until you KNOW you are ready. Some day you will be. Can you see yourself smoking the rest of your life? If not now, there will be a time you will quit. It's inevitable! Can't let this addiction bring you to your grave!

    Hang in there. I will check this post thread once in a while. But in the meantime, feel free to post to all of us if you need more cheering on. You'll get this sooner or later. I hope sooner, as in NOW.... Best,...
  • Segan, South Western Sydney October 17, 2021 | 19:40
    Hi Nope, thank you! Support is very important, and you comments about how long it takes makes me feel better,at least i now now its not just me.
    I will break this, just got to keep up with changing my mind set. I have had a couple of odd days that i let myself run out of cigs, and went say 24 hours without a smoke,wasnt as hard as i thought it would be. Just got to not buy any next time!
  • Segan, South Western Sydney October 23, 2021 | 7:44
    Well, here i go, last smoke Thursday night, went to shops Friday, and walked Past a tobacconist, just kept going. Tempted,but ignored it. Been taking Zyban,and a friend gave a disposable vape. Vape helps replace the habit of going outside for a smoke. I like being outside, so i have a puff or two on the vape, and all good. Today i feel hopefull,not much of an urge for a smoke. I look forward to not having to plan on getting smokes! I was 20 a day,got down to 10 a day, then on my last packet was about 6 on last day. Each day i tell myself i can do it,and put the money to better use!
  • NOPE-2021 October 25, 2021 | 4:02
    Yes Segan you CAN do it!! You are doing good. Keep it up. It does get better - keep telling yourself that. Did you see all the new posts on "Hints and Tips"? Read them Segan, they have helped me. I'm about 12 weeks in and I do have my moments too. Do whatever you can to get the cigs out of your life. Zyban and vapes - I don't know much about either, but I would say if it keeps you away from lighting up a cigarette, then do it. Put the saved money in a see through jar,.. nice to see the $ build up filling the glass jar! Okay Segan, be proud of every step forward. You can do this,.. others have
  • Segan, South Western Sydney October 25, 2021 | 19:12
    Thanks Nope, 4 days in, feeling ok about it so far. Do have urges,but letting them pass. Visited a friend who smokes on the weekend, friend lit a smoke, but i had no urge!
    Thanks for your support!
  • NOPE-2021 October 26, 2021 | 8:53
    WoW! Good job! Congratulations on 4 days!! That is great! You are stronger than you thought! You WANT to succeed. Remember that. You do not want to be a smoker forever. The urges are just mere thoughts. You are not hurting at all. Just a thought that goes away. You are doing well by just letting them pass. There has to be a stopping point and you are there my friend!!! Keep up the good work. Stay strong!
  • Segan, South Western Sydney October 28, 2021 | 10:51
    Now onto day 6, had a few beers yesterday, yep had the urge but let it pass. Feelung good about this, no more running to the shop for smokes, have saved over $100 already. I dont think there is a silver bullet for this,vapes help mainly for the habbit of having something in you hands when bored!
    Iam in late 60,s been smoking since 16,so a very long term smoker. Feel if i can get through next few weeks,i will have done it!
  • NOPE-2021 October 30, 2021 | 11:04
    Congrats on your progress Segan! I'm in my early 60's and I too started as a very young teen which makes 50 years of smoking. Most of my life! There is more to life than smoking it away. Seriously! I believe I am a smart person, and I expect you are too, but it took try after try for me before it actually "stuck". Smoking is such a STUPID thing to do. We are sometimes helpless once addicted. Once we make up our mind, like you and I have done, we are bound to succeed. We need to be strong and stay focused. Our quitting smoking will lead to a better life. A longer life. We are already creeping up upon old age and we need to live life for as long as possible. Smoking shortens life.

    I have to admit that I do struggle at times, but I keep focused and I know the outcome will only prolong my life. I find I am more conscious of how I am treating my body. I am starting to breath better and starting to move around and exercise and also trying to pay more attention to what I feed my body.

    We are the guardians of our bodies and we need to keep healthy. Pushing smoke and nicotine into our bodies is unnatural.

    Well, I have gone on about this,.. sorry.... You are doing well and you CAN do this! Keep your eyes on the prize!!! Hang in there and do the best you can!
  • Segan, South Western Sydney October 31, 2021 | 11:52
    Wow,been 10 days smoke free. Morning coffe tastes like, well morning coffe should! Food starting to tasts better,sense of smell also getting better. What a great feeling not to have to go and buy smokes! I wi do this!
  • NOPE-2021 November 01, 2021 | 3:04
    YOU GOT THIS SEGAN! 10 days is HUGE! Keep up the great work. No more stress about running out of smokes and running out to buy them. I think it is true when people say smoking CAUSES stress! Keep on keeping on!
  • Segan, South Western Sydney November 03, 2021 | 14:22
    Day 13 smoke free, last two days have been a bit tough though. Get the urge, but refuse to buy smokes. Found when i get the urge, either have a snack, or do something to distract my self..
    I am pleae though, almost two week, and say $400 daved.
  • NOPE-2021 November 04, 2021 | 12:11
    EXCELLENT Segan! 2 weeks is a real big milestone. You are though the worst (I think). Should be uphill from here. Maintenance I should say. Maintain what you are doing and keep focused. You will soon be feeling some physical benefits. You are doing so well. Some people do turn to eating, and some gain weight but the fact is, smoking is the MAIN problem. Gaining weight can be dealt with at a future date. Drink lots of water, take some deep breaths and go to bed early! Everyone is different,... just do what you are doing! You got this!!!
  • Segan, South Western Sydney November 12, 2021 | 20:33
    Now 3 werks, thats 21 days smoke free! Been a bit like i wouls imagine a marathon,start out all fresh raring to go, get about half way and starting to lag,then somone gives you some watet,in the form of encouragement and faith( thats you Nope-2021) and you get your second wind!
    Never felt so good, and i sincerely than you Nope 2021 for your encouragement and faith in me,dont think i coukd have got this far without your support,i yruly did not want to let you down.
    I think its a bit like any addiction, just one random smoke and back on them,i do not want to do that, i look at my bank balance,how i feel,how good food tasts,and know there is too much to lose!
  • NOPE-2021 November 13, 2021 | 1:37
    Hi Segan. Good to hear from you! 3 weeks is really outstanding! I past my 13 week mark, so I think we are both doing well. I know what you mean about letting people down. I feel that I would let this community down (my QuitFam) if I went back to smoking. They have been like my lifeline too. Someone, ANYONE can really make a difference when you see they are behind you and have faith in you. You ought to post to this entire community of your success. The audience really needs to see success stories.

    I would have to say, personally, it has not been easy and at times it really is a struggle but I have gone this far and I do not EVER want to start all over again with Day #1. I know you feel the same. We are stronger than nicotine. We are choosing freedom, life, happiness, wealth and health. A great future ahead of us Segan! You and I have smoked nearly most of our lives and it's so great to turn it around. WE can do this!!!

    I agree, just one drag might kick it into full gear with the addiction. Believe me,.. I have been tempted even after all the weeks without. I don't even trust myself that I will NOT take a drag. Some easy days, some not so easy. No one is the same and I hope you are seeing that it is getting easier. When you get the urge, just remember,.. it is only a thought, nothing more, and that thought will go away. On many occasions I need to talk myself out of the "thought". I too don't want to let YOU down!!

    There is a man that has a site that I have gone to many times. It's very inspirational and educational. His name is Joel Spitzer. You might get some encouragement with this site. Here is the link to his site:

    Again,... excellent work my friend! You are stronger than you thought. You are on your way to a better life. YOU GOT THIS SEGAN! Hands down! Keep up the great work. I'm behind you all the way. You actually are an inspiration to me!!! Have a great smokeless day!
  • NOPE-2021 November 13, 2021 | 1:45
    Me again!!! Just looked above at some earlier posts. YOU have gone a long way! Read what you wrote earlier. I think YOU can be an inspiration to yourself! Kinda heart warming to see where you WERE and where you are NOW! Amazing journey! Keep it up.
  • NOPE-2021 November 14, 2021 | 12:21
    Well, I guess I did something wrong. Read Gee80. I upset her and I think it's because I indicated, perhaps she was not "ready". We all need to be ready to quit. I otherwise, try to be positive and supportive. I think I will take a back seat and be a reader and probably won't submit any more comments. However, I will continue to scout you out to see how you are doing.

    From reading older posts, I do know that people can rub each other the wrong way. I actually want to stay away from that sort of thing. I don't need that in my life. I believe we are here to listen and help and give opinions as well.

    Hope you are doing well. Just needed to "vent",...
  • Segan, South Western Sydney November 14, 2021 | 18:55
    Hi Nope, i dont think you did anything wrong,you tried to do everything right! You have helped me greatly, and i can see that you want to help all of us,and you are good at it! I did add a comment to Gee80,may help.
    I M feeling good now,almost over the worst!
  • Segan, South Western Sydney November 14, 2021 | 18:55
    Hi Nope, i dont think you did anything wrong,you tried to do everything right! You have helped me greatly, and i can see that you want to help all of us,and you are good at it! I did add a comment to Gee80,may help.
    I M feeling good now,almost over the worst!
  • NOPE-2021 November 25, 2021 | 12:05
    Hi Segan,... Na, on second thought,.. I don't think I need to venture with a vape. I've gone this far and I can go further. I'm strong and I am convinced I can do this!! I WILL do this!

    How are you doing? Week 6 is it for you? I'm approaching week 16 :-) It really is worth any discomfort. Do you realize YEARS can be added to your lifetime? That is reason enough to quit this nasty addiction!

    Thanksgiving is tomorrow. YOUR first Thanksgiving smoke free!! MY first Thanksgiving smoke free!! Guess we both have something to be thankful for!

    I hope you are still hanging in there Segan. As you know,.. it's well worth it. Look at all the new members in this community! EVERYONE wants to quit smoking. I wish that everyone can have an "easy" quit.

    I think it is very beneficial to read about the success stories. Those stories are so inspiring and have helped me along tremendously.

    Have a Happy (Smokeless) Thanksgiving!!!
  • Segan, South Western Sydney November 25, 2021 | 19:51
    Hi Nope, yep,give the vapes a miss, i guess at the moment its my crutch,soon won't need it!
    Yep,coming onto week 6, and has been tough at times,other times not so.
    Best yhing i have ever done though.
    Happy thanksgiving to you too,lets share our first smoke free thanksgiving together,enjoy the day,and thanks again for the support!

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