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3 months

Posted in Quit experiences 02 Oct 2021

3 months (92 days). Not a single cigarette. Still having the occasional craving for a smoke. Easy to resist though but still, having those cravings. Any suggestions?

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  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW October 05, 2021 | 17:46
    Great job. When I ponder about the earlier stages of a Quit. I often refer back to the 3, Three's.
    3 DAY's... 3 Week's & The Three month's without one single puff, seems to be the window of time, most find random thought's become seldom and easier to deal with.
  • Jessfreeof, Northern NSW October 03, 2021 | 9:43
    Congratulations on 3 months ghassan 🙌 when I have the odd strong thought of a cigarette I ask myself what is going on? And I reconfirm to myself that it cant be a craving for a cigarette because I am a nonsmoker so again I ask myself what's going on for me at the moment? Than I move on and do something else.
  • Happiness October 02, 2021 | 3:16
    You are doing well ghassen. Congratulations!
    You did it cold turkey as well, and were not having much craving a month or so ago. Your dream of smoking meant nothing and your relief on waking and finding it just a dream should tell you something.

    Your breathing has improved and your overall health has become more of a focus in your life. You are exercising more and must be very happy with your decisions to look after yourself. The mind remembers the past and can reek havoc with us. My hubby after almost 3 years quit still has a very occasional reflex to reach for a cigarette which of course isn't there. A wisp of smoke from a mosquito coil used to invoke that. Still, I know is is very pleased that he quit smoking and has no desire to pick up that terrible habit or addiction again. I hope that you feel the same and that you will not let the nicomonster trick you into believing that you need him in your life.

    Be happy, content and very proud of yourself for your achievement. You have done what many have only wished they could do or even have the gumption to try.

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