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8 Weeks = Still on Shaky Ground!

Posted in Quit experiences 27 Sep 2021

What can I say? To be honest, after all this time, I still feel the need to work at it. I'm not sure why. Is this normal? I find I am doing what I encourage others to do,.. one hour at a time, one day at a time, go to bed early,... Lot's of celery!

I do feel physical benefits and am still focused on my future as a non-smoker. I suppose it takes time? I know I can do it as others have done it successfully. I turn to this site for inner strength and inspiration.

I am thankful to those "seasoned" smokers that keep coming back to help. It seems like whenever I am "on shaky ground" I turn to my QuitFam and someone posts something that truly touches my heart. Thank you my friends!

Sometimes I feel like a heal when I submit a post to others that they can "do it",.. "you got this",.. I am for sure listening to my own words. I GOT THIS!!! NOPE!!!

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  • Aniruddha September 27, 2021 | 9:18
    I too always feel the need to be constantly on my guard but it does get better over time. Keep at it
  • softly40, Mid North Coast September 27, 2021 | 10:13
    Hello again NOPE yes, for me it was normal, probably because it was my 3rd attempt over a long spaces in between, this is the reason I needed to validate my increasing awareness of how easy it can be to fall backward even if it is only in THE MIND...NOPE was my everyday commitment, and this worked and is still working for me.

    I haven't been on this site for a while, because I could see there were great responses from others, so keep it up NOPE (not one puff ever)
  • Jessfreeof, Northern NSW September 27, 2021 | 10:21
    Hi there nope2021 you are doing fantastically 🙌 everything you are going through is totally normal. The more time passes the easier it will get. You are such an inspiration to me and your posts to others are always so very helpful. Sometimes I think we need to be gentler on ourselves. There is so much going on in the world with this pandemic and other crisis that I think we have done AMAZINGLY to be able to quit smoking through it. I feel like I've been on shaky ground for the past 6 months I just learn to balance move and dance on it the best I can and always remember this too shall pass. There is light at the end of the tunnel we just have to keep moving towards it 👯❤️
  • Leeann , Central Coast September 27, 2021 | 12:53
    Hey Nope2021 you are not alone, i too have to work at and will for some time, after all just check out my history on here🤦‍♀️ Who cares that we are working on it, lets be proud that we are working on it. I chew chewing gum and can feel mysef over eating slightly, whatever it takes to fill that void. For me I dont want a smoke, but do feel a void from the habit loss, I also know from personal past experience the longer you go the easier it gets as it becomes the new normal. I too stick like glue to the site and draw strength from others, we are in this together Nope2021, and please don't feel like a heal for cheering on others, yes it reaffirms it for us and that is totally okay and normal I think. Lets just keep putting one foot on front of the other, we have got this together💞
  • Robn September 27, 2021 | 13:07
    Hey Nope2021, what you are feeling is normal and it will recede with time. You are an inspiration to others, don’t ever forget that.
    It gets easier as time goes by and you forget that you were ever a smoker. Some days are easier than others in the early stages.
    Just keep going no matter what. Doesn’t matter how you get there....keep your eye on the prize.
  • Chellie, Central Coast September 27, 2021 | 14:16
    Just read your post.. you have got this... I feel better now just after reading this.. Nope you got it.. you have I have realised nicotine is like the excorcist nasty nasty nasty we are going to beat it x
  • Happiness September 28, 2021 | 2:18
    I am in awe of you and all those who face adversary and continue on in spite of it. You are all the ones who spur others on. Keep up the positive thinking and the good work! It does get better with time and it is so worth it!
  • NOPE-2021 September 28, 2021 | 5:58
    Thank you everyone - Aniruddha: I will keep at it. Softly40: You convinced me, I will try repeating daily NOPE (out loud and to myself)! Jessfreeof: YOU, my friend are an inspiration to me. Dear Leeann, my kinder classmate, I've seen your history and you are doing amazing! Keep it up! Thank you for your inspiring words. Robn: Your words say it like it is, are down to earth, and gives me encouragement. Chellie: Yes, we WILL beat this! Happiness: You always have something to say and I AM LISTENING!!! Thanks again my QuitFam. I am uplifted and I don't feel "abnormal" now. It really does get better as time goes on, but I think I was looking to have NO DESIRE at all by now. Guess this is normal after all. So, onward and upward!!! Another day down!! Yeah! Thank you for this personal "pep" talk!!!

    To all the new non-smokers and the to-be non-smokers. I hope I wasn't too negative but the truth is,... it IS getting better, I have more time in my life, I feel cleaner, I feel more confident, my car and my dogs don't stink!!! Cheers!!!
  • dstfry123, Hunter New England September 28, 2021 | 9:01
    Almost 2 years for me. I remember reading posts everyday. It helped so much to read what others are going thru, what helps and what doesn’t. I thought everyday was another step closer to not thinking about it. A step closer to being a permanent non smoker. Just remember everyday is a day closer to not thinking about it everyday. Your doing spectacular. Keep going x
  • NOPE-2021 September 28, 2021 | 10:21
    Thanks dstfry123... Yes, everyday a step closer. Your input really means a lot to me,.. seriously. Almost 2 years is fantastic. Hope to follow in your footsteps. Thx.
  • Robn September 28, 2021 | 15:26
    Hi Nope 2021, I have been quit now over three years after smoking for 40+ years. When I started my final quit attempt I too thought “ okay, after a few weeks I will not think about a cigarette ever again. But honestly, it takes awhile to get to that point. ......but as the weeks pass those thoughts pop into your head less and less. By the time I was at the six months stage.....I didn’t have those thoughts anymore and haven’t since. Be kind to have smoked a lot longer than you have been will all come together in time. Remember the old saying “time heals”. You are doing an awesome job, you should be very proud of yourself.
  • Nuts September 30, 2021 | 15:27
    Hi NOPE 2021. In 2 days time it will be 1000 days since I had a cigarette. The first week was the hardest. With the right mindset and the help of this wonderful community, it became easier. I had a lot of questions and there was always someone special to answer them and to encourage me. It really does get easier. I wouldn't dream of having a smoke now and the money I havnt spent on smokes is amazing. Hang in there. You Can Do It. I believe in you and before long you will be giving other newcomers help on their
    journey. Well done everyone. Everyday without a cigarette is a wonderful day 🥰
  • NOPE-2021 October 01, 2021 | 3:46
    Thanks Robn and Nuts and EVERYONE! What a pleasure it was to get so much encouragement on my little "problem". I think I have a better handle on it.

    I like that phrase ,... "Everyday without a cigarette is a wonderful day"!!!!!

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