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Posted in Getting started 07 Jun 2021

Today I woke up and knew I needed some help. I have tried to quit so many times before. I googled I can quit and signed up. My plan is to reduce the amount I smoke each day and by the end of the month say I have quit. I know the road will be hard. This is my first step. It's great to know that this forum can happily agree we are in this together.

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  • Happiness June 09, 2021 | 14:03
    Safe is so right. I jump started my quit. None was far easier than a couple.
  • Jessfreeof, Northern NSW June 09, 2021 | 6:47
    Good for you 🙌
  • Safe2017 June 09, 2021 | 6:04
    When you get to a point when waiting on the next cig is just as painful as not smoking one at all that's the right time to quit completely. Good luck.
  • Frenchy 23, Hunter New England June 08, 2021 | 7:01
    What a great insight. I didn't know this!
  • Happiness June 07, 2021 | 21:46
    I know you CAN. Yes, I hope we can help significantly with support and suggestions. While it is commendable to cut down over the next month, that will help you to get into the right mindset and do some things to change how you feel about smoking. It will teach you to delay and put yoiur thoughts else where and really see just how much it rules.

    May I suggest that you click on my name and find my story, Never give up Giving Up. which entails a few suggestions to make smoking less pleasurable and time to see and taste it rather than cherish it.
    There is a drawback in cutting back so much that you watch the clock and that first draw of nicotine becomes everything. You can cut back in the beginning very successfully without missing it rather than smoking mindlessly. Even smoking the same cigarette in 2 or 3 sessions.

    93% of the nicotine is gone overnight, so I am not convinced that smoking 5 is easier to quit than smoking 25. It really is in the mindset. Nicotine doesn't wake us to get its fix. We are addicts but we can regain control. Make that desire your priority. Read and Learn.

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