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Posted in Reasons to quit 17 Apr 2021

Hi everyone, I have just decided to start my quit journey and am a little apprehensive about the whole process. I actually gave up in August 2019 but took the habit up again 3 months ago when I was pretty low and mentally ill. It seems to have an even stronger hold on me now and I'm worried I won't cope without my crutch. I'm thinking of talking to my GP about champix. Has anyone used Champix and how was it?

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  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW April 17, 2021 | 21:48
    Hi and welcome. I'm an Ex-smoker like you have been, and you will be again, Its well documented that if the crutch is going to be missed and the cig is there for you to cope with thing's? Its going to be difficult, so champix could be a good option for your circumstances. In actual fact, the cold turkey method seems to be the most effective one!
    I had a difficult couple of Quits before my last one. And, the majority of my friends on here, suggested I always had some excuse of failure! Some may have been correct, and now I agree with them.
    Its a mind game.
    Make the step.
    It'll work out,
    Just stop smoking.
    I did!
  • Happiness April 17, 2021 | 22:14
    Hi Lantra you didn't say how you abstained from smoking back in 2019. However you managed it can be done again but you have to learn the right mindset you would not have picked up smoking again. and you could say that you were truly quit.
    We really only quit smoking once.
    We are really glad to see that you have once again found the desire to be free of smoking and hope that you will find the desire to be free of smoking remaining stronger than the desire to smoke this time around. When we realize how we were drugged (nicotine) and brainwashed (tobacco companies and even society) we can change how we feel about the cigarette. When we learn that it never did anything for us except cause stress with health and money, we can start to resent it. When we thought that it made us feel good, relieved stress, lessened our anxiety when we lit up, only to learn that it did none of those things. In fact, it caused even more anxiety by demanding feeding or making us miserable.
    We fed it and kept it alive. We can starve it. We can control it and it will beg for mercy . Cravings should be a reminder that you are killing it and winning. We always fed it before it growled and made friends, but it is no friend and it may never truly be dead, (we are addicts) but by doing nothing we win. Nothing as in NOPE, not one puff ever!
    Imagine what money you will have by doing nothing.
    imagine how much freer you will be by doing nothing.
    Imagine how much better you health will be by doing nothing.

    Perhaps you don't have to imagine.
    Perhaps you already are feeling the negative effects of smoking.

    Champix works well. for most people. Champix does not keep you addicted to nicotine like NRT's. While it shuts down the receptors so that you do not enjoy lighting up, you do need to also change how you think about smoking. If you view it as losing a "friend", you may always mourn its absence. If you cast it aside without regret and are happy to be moving forward without it, then you will become a happy non-smoker.

    Don't just abstain this time. Promise yourself that this time will be a true quit.

    I will warn you that Champix has been known to alter moods drastically to the point of suicide. You be aware of this, and make sure someone close to you can monitor you and get you help if these signs are exhibited. Rare but possible, and depressed recipients are more at risk.

    Stay in touch. Read , learn and Bellieve that you too can quit smoking permanenty.
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW April 17, 2021 | 22:53
    AND, Many declare, having the Mindset is imperative to success.
    Also to develop some Hatred to the expensive habit helps alot too!
    I say> Set your Quit day, or night.
    Welcome day one with fresh food and water. (no smokes)
    Come h#ll or high-water, Dont smoke.
    good luck.
  • softly40, Mid North Coast April 18, 2021 | 8:21
    Hi Lantra, I have used champix, but eventually went on to only half a dose, (none at night) because of nightmares. I did very well with this product but you should be monitered by your doctor, because not everyone can use will or should be given this product by script only. If you are worried about any side effects you should discuss this with your doctor because we are not qualified to give you the heads up...All I can say is, that it worked for me..

    You will also have to work on the Mindset, meaning research about Nicotine, and why you may have relapsed, once you have this information then you can practce NOPE (not one puff ever) This should give you a stronger belief in yourself. This stronger belief will mean you do not need any crutch....You have done it before and you can do it again, this time for keeps.
  • Mia88, Hunter New England April 22, 2021 | 11:55
    I currently am 94 days smoke free and currently taking champix. I tried cold turkey months and months ago but began smoking again and then i decided enough is enough its to costly and no good for my health but i also needed that little bit of help through it so i went to my GP and asked about a quit smoking tablet which is champix, i started off taking 2 a day 1 morning and 1 night but found myself feeling overly sick in the stomach and headaches and weird dreams also didn't feel like myself, and i hated that feeling so i have cut back to 1 a day now and it still works okay for me, i still get slightly nauseous and headaches but it depends on the day for me, But be very aware if you feel weird in anyway or worse talk to your GP about cutting the dosage to 1 tablet or even half a day, It has worked for me slowly at the start it was a struggle for about 4 weeks, 1 week i was that depressed it felt like i had lost a friend thats the best way to describe how i felt, i was eating more.. but as it's been 3 months it's getting a little easier each day i don't find myself needing or wanting or even wanting to spend money on it, While champix does help stop cravings a bit, It's also your willpower wanting to and knowing you want to stop, Don't rely on champix at all use your willpower and mindset and know it does get better! After champix may be a struggle i'm not sure but im going to keep pushing forward! you can do it!

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