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Ted 56
Illawarra Shoalhaven

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Posted in Reasons to quit 17 Mar 2021

I always can quit for around 4 days then if I feel like going out to a club I always get a pack of cigs because it sought of goes with it for me and seems like more fun and enjoyment while having a drinks.

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  • Happiness March 17, 2021 | 22:10
    Spoken like a true addict.

    You need to read our stories and to learn about nicotine. I presume you have an interest in quitting?

    I believe the first step in quitting smoking and quitting smoking PERMANENTLY is to find the WANT and DESIRE to quit. There are many benefits you probably don't realize.

    Having some understanding of WHY we smoke helps in quitting.
    How nicotine works and how we are stronger.
    How smoking has never done ANYTHING for us.
    How BORING and manipulative it is.
    How we have been brainwashed for years and believe quitting is hard to do.

    Learn the truth and find your way to freedom with us.
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW March 17, 2021 | 22:38
    Hi happiness.
    Hoping everything in your is A OK, OK?

    I am wondering when an addict to smoking nicotine, becomes free? Is it true once an addict, always an addict?
    Is there a time limit to reach to be a declared Free?
    Hi there Ted,
    Do you feel like your a :true addict?'
    Are you seriously interested to never smoking again?
    Allen Carr helped me!
    Happiness sent it to me, and I'm sending it to you. If you want it? Follow the link below>
  • Happiness March 18, 2021 | 7:21
    Hi PuffNoMore. Please reply back so I know you have seen my reply.

    I am doing great! 98% recovered, happy and content despite covid.

    In answer about addiction is YES, that's why NOPE! Like an addiction to alcohol, it can be broken, but JUST ONE fires up chemicals and sensors and we may not be able to resist the temptation. Better not to dare, it's not worth finding out that you are not as strong as you think.! That is why I advise not just quitting smoking but being a HAPPY NON-SMOKER. It would be less likely for you to tempt fate,, why would you?

    With new found benefits, health, money and an understanding of why we smoked , are you unhappy with your freedom? There is no time frame are free when you are truthful to yourself that you are happy that you quit smoking and don't feel that ANYTHING could induce you to spend your hard earned money and your time with that habit of the past.

    Fear that the cravings will last or sneak up are not warranted when the mindset is learned.
    Can anyone give me one reason why they would start smoking again once quit by choice? You will notice that I ddn't ask for a GOOD reason, an excuse will suffice.

    We can quit smoking and stay quit. Some take longer than others but once getting the benefits can understand what we go on about. I even suggest to stay in touch with the forum to take pride of your accomplishment even in the years to come. lest we forget how much better off we are.
    Not all grasp the mindset and may struggle more than others. The book by Allen Carr is something EVERYONE should read and keep a link to

    Thanks for the link posted above PuffNoMore.

  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW March 18, 2021 | 7:58
    Oh. Ok. Thanks for your take as to when an addict becomes not an addict.,
    I'm off to work now. (still working a couple days a week).
    My colleague said to me on tuesday that he'd be a non-smoker by thursday today.
    I'm expecting some gnarlyness from him if he's struggling with withdrawal. So, I printed 2 chapters of Allan carrs book.
    Chapters 5 & 6
    Bye Ted, Happiness & team .
  • Chwoe , Western Sydney March 18, 2021 | 14:46
    as i say, co0chie? or smoking? u make the choice.
  • Happiness March 18, 2021 | 23:14
    Once an addict always an addict.....unfortuately that is what addiction means, but we still have the choice to be free of its hold and to keep it at bay.

    Learning the mindset will make it easier and you won't want to ever start smoking again. Don't let a dare or curiosity tempt you. Curiosity killed the cat. Just remember NOPE....Not One Puff...EVER!
  • WendyOhNo March 24, 2021 | 6:59
    How about giving up going to the club for a few months.? Give your body and brain a chance to normalize and live life without the temptation of a smoke.
  • WendyOhNo March 24, 2021 | 6:59
    How about giving up going to the club for a few months.? Give your body and brain a chance to normalize and live life without the temptation of a smoke.

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