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It's mostly psychological

Posted in Staying quit 01 Mar 2021

Stopping smoking really is mostly psychological. You must have the mental mindset that you don't want to smoke anymore. The physical part is over in about 4 days.

I was very unwell back in March 2020 which coincided with the covid-19 pandemic. I was actually frightened that I had contracted corona virus with my temperatures reaching 39.6. I was tested and negative for covid-19. I visited my GP who said the world is full of viruses.

My god I have never been this sick in my life. But oh no im thinking god i can't smoke so I used patches for 2 days...which just caused me to feel even more ill. So I took it off. I was so sick almost bedridden for 2 weeks. The germ ridden filthy cigarettes probably contributed to my illness too.

When I was better I said to myself well you have gone this long without smoking or any other nicotine replacement or any other stop smoking aide. I can keep on going. And so I did for 5 months. And yep that's it again...oh ill just have one. Actually I only smoked half of it as it tasted absolutely awful and I could feel it burning my oesphagus . Another month went by without smoking..same thing again..oh I'll just have one. Which then continued to increase to full on smoking.

It is a mental thing. You don't really need it. It's a psychological habit. I know I can do it even cold turkey without champix..starting to think champix is just a crutch for me now..However in those early days it really helps with those physical withdrawal symptoms. But after that it's your mind ,your desire not to want to smoke .

I'm feeling very in control now. Ready for those thoughts that say oh I'll just have one!!! No I will NOT!!

So for now I will continue with champix a little longer then taper the dose down. I have discussed this with my GP.

Stay strong everyone. It does get easier. But the key is you have to want to stop it. Today is day 20 without smoking. Yippee. Woohoo. Feel so much better 😊

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  • Happiness March 02, 2021 | 2:27
    Thank you for sharing Athena. It is extremely easy to get "hooked" again. Perhaps should someone be tempted to Have One, They should be fully prepared to Smoke hundreds, if not thousands again. It should be considered their choice to smoke, as none here are still so oblivious to its addictive nature.

    By being proud of the accomplishment we have made by beating an addiction, taking pleasure in the benefits we get to enjoy because we did so, we can be happy non-smokers and any desire to smoke should be negligible . You really should not desire anything that that you do not want!

    Even once nicotine is long gone, the addiction itself beaten, our memories live on. Memories were made by people and events, not enhanced by a cigarette. Smoking had nothing to do with treasured memories. Smoking never did anything for us. Why would you not want to believe it" Forgive yourself and all of us here for our spiral into deception. We can escape it now and spend our money on much better things. Why would we not want to believe that we could have much more enjoyment in life without the cigarette?

    It is mostly psychological. Even a physical withdrawal is barely noticeable. It is our minds imagining what we have been brainwashed to believe. Lies, Lies Lies.

    And, cravings are but mere thoughts once the nicotine is gone.

  • Safe2017 March 02, 2021 | 5:50
    Ditto Athena, The exact same thing happened to me twice before. I was quit for 2 years when a little voice in my head said you have this addiction beat and you can prove it to yourself by taking one puff. The taste was awful, my lungs felt like someone was stabbed them with a sharp knife but I was already hooked again. The same thing happened again about 10 years later. Nowadays my motto is NOPE (not one puff ever). Good luck. You can overcome.
  • matik_one March 03, 2021 | 8:10
    You are strong man.. your mindset seems to be in very good and positive condition, which is the key to success.. you want to be non smoker, so you don't want to have even one more.. you can, but you don't want to..
  • matik_one March 03, 2021 | 8:19
    woman of course.. typo..

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