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It's time again

Posted in Quit experiences 26 Feb 2021

Hi everyone it's been a bumpy start to the year once again

I have had a few bad weeks as I have broke my finger and back on hospital

I should be a member there as I am never out of the place.

I picked up that ciggeratie and smoked it and was not feeling great after that.

I have slipped back to that habbit and I am indeed playing with the devil and i am so aware of it this time around.

I got to a good 5 months of quitting last time round.

My partner desperately wants me to stop smoking aswell as I do.

I have started to read again allen carrs book.

I am very aware that smoking is really doing nothing for me It's all mental.

I no what I need to do and that is not to buy another packet and say aw well I will quit tomorrow

I have said that to myself so many times and it makes me angry yet i do it again and again

It's a chain affect every single day.

I've had enough of this habbit addiction mind games.

My patch is on as I need a little help for 1st few weeks.

It's a 14mg patch so not to strong.

We have booked holiday for August so I have set a goal to be happy smoke free for our holiday and to not smell orr have the need for the stick.. I read over all your stories every morning still and it give me courage I can do this.

It's not $38.60 in Australia for a 20 packet of ciggeraties and I am not willing to keep paying that money to destroy my health.

The mind is so powerful with suggestions for smoking any excuse to light a ciggerate. I am taking back my life and changing my mindset.

Enough is enough.

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  • matik_one February 26, 2021 | 18:01
    Hi Gemma, happy to see you here.. Lets do fresh start with all great benefits which are waiting for you.. Find ways, not excuses and all will be fine, you can do it..
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW February 26, 2021 | 21:33
    Hi Gemma its nice to read a post from you again. Of coarse I would like to read that you are free of the addiction, but, for some, it doesn't come that easy. You will do it when your good and ready.
    I have often said its a mind game, but, even Allen carr has one whole chapter devoted to the timing of the Quit.
    You will find the right time when your good 'n' ready.
    Thx for popping in.
    You're a Gem.
  • Gemma23 February 26, 2021 | 21:51
    Thanks guys
    I am ready and really well intruly over smoking. I can feel what it's doing to my body and purse. I am happy and ready to do this again.
    Thanks for support
  • Happiness February 27, 2021 | 2:09
    Good for you Gemma . You have done this for a solid 5 months and were so proud of yourself. You can get there again and go on to succeed. You are not alone. You are not hopeless, not by a longshot. As long as you are willing to change your mind, you can quit smoking. You had a good practice run, Now you are ready to cross over the finish line.

    Someday something written will just click. We know we should quit smoking but that is not the same as wanting to. Even if the sane part of your mind WANTS to quit, there is still a part that wants to resist the change. The fear of the change still persists.

    Be honest with yourself about why you think you still want to smoke. Write it down. Silly things like a wonderful moment and feeling bring back a longing for those old days, but you will realize that smoking had nothing to do with it.
    There is something about that in Allan Carr's book. A longing for a memory,

    Stay with us Gemma. Re read Allan Carr, every word, don't just skim. When you did start smoking again did you make it inconvenient? Realizing the time , stink, taste, money and how it made you despise yourself for being so weak? But you are not weak Gemma. You are here . You are not walking away from that fight. You are stronger than nicotine. In fact you kicked the heck out of nicotine. You need to make the unanimous vote in you mind. The jury is still out. Yet I say don't DEBATE it, stand firm in your commitment to yourself. Willpower does have a place in the early days until you grasp the mindset entirely.

    If all fails, get a vaper , go to the bathroom and look in the mirror as you give yourself that "fix". You will have quit smoking and ingesting all that tar and other poisons in a cigarette. I don't know if vaping is really safer but can it be worse? With or without the nicotine, it is just the addictive drug. just like the patch you wear. But you won't be free. Relate that "fix" to going to the bathroom to take your "medicine" Does anyone enjoy taking their medicine"
    Will we continue to do something that we dislike doing? Can the whole procedure become an eye opener as to how nicotine/smoking controls you?
    To see how silly and pointless?

    Even small steps can lead to big change. Everyone''s quit is different and only you knows you best. Just keep the big goal in mind as you make the changes.
    You can quit smoking and you can be FREE!
  • Robn February 27, 2021 | 19:44
    Hey Gemma, well done on your decision to try again. This time tell yourself every morning, I will not smoke today...don’t look further than today. Before you know it weeks have gone are a fighter, the fact that you keep trying means you really do want to quit.....make this the last time you have to quit. Keep thinking about how good it felt to be 5 months clean, how much better your life was without will do this this time....because you can

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