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Hunter New England

38 days and still pushing through :)

Posted in Staying quit 25 Feb 2021

So it's been 38 days. And im still taking champix but 1 tablet a day as 2 was making me feel worse. And so far so good the weird dreams have gone, i still get occasional headaches, but what i do notice is the fact im not as stressed and depressed as when i did smoke. i did go through a week of feeling like i lost a friend but that's all due to quitting and i found out its normal. After reading other stories i also am learning to tell myself you don't need that, It makes you feel sick and it makes you more stressed and also the fact it wasn't a good friend, that friend made you worse off (its how i look at it) and cost you more money, made your health worse and made you 100 times more stressed and depressed and anxious, how you wouldn't have enough money to even eat as you just spent money on that friend constantly. I look at it like that in a way because it helps me a bit and it makes me realise im dealing with everyday stress as it is now and i haven't went for a ciggarette and i still get through it but with just a more positive mindset, Yes the champix helps but to a degree it helps with stopping cravings but i am still doing all the work im choosing not to, I notice things taste better, i can breathe a bit better, i have a bit more positive mindset with things, i do notice the little things which is great and i love it!

I have been starting to do breathing exercises as well and i want to try and do a bit of yoga again i did do it but never really dived right in to much so i want to start doing that as it will relax me, as i suffer social anxiety is can be very very hard sometimes dealing with everyday life such as my dad is going through cancer and he currently has shots (zoladex) every 3 months to stop the cancer in its course not cure it obviously and thats extremely hard sometimes but also he is frustrating because he is one of them people that won't tell me or my mum what is going on so that can get a bit frustrating and depressing at times but still i've been trying to be as positive as possible! also as i haven't worked for around 4 or so years now finding work has also been a tough one so i've been relying on jobseeker payments to get by and i also live at home with my mum and dad as i don't have anywhere else to go right now and also i want to be around my family as well (i also pay rent to my mum of course) and alot in my past as well as abusive physically and mentally bad relationships which hasn't helped my anxiety either (which im currently doing counselling for all of my issues) if anything it made it worse so im just dealing with all of this stuff the best way i know how and i think i thought smoking helped with that but it really doesn't. (just thought i would share a bit about my challenges im currently facing) thankyou all so much for your stories and support it has been amazing to read and it really helps to reach out and talk! So im going to keep pushing and NOT ONE PUFF! you all can do it i know you can :) xx

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  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW February 25, 2021 | 23:27
    Hi Mia,
    I commend and thank you and others for describing and expressing how the Quit is evolving for yourself. It gives our' think tank' more to digest to better able to advise a suitable way forward to rid the addiction from smoking our lives to a prematurely illness or early and unexpected early death.
    This site could do with some change in the scare-tactics or repetitive writing's of the "mindset" that is so often the cause and effect that needs correcting before we have a chance of escaping this smoking affliction or addiction.
    Whatever happened to some personal responsibility to not smoke, with determination and will-power to abstain long enough until the old habit or addiction is all but gone?
    I would like more members could open-up, of their feeling's like you have.

    One thing I have learnt is; Everyday you dont smoke, makes it possible to eradicate the addiction/pattern or habit in its tracks!
    Leave it out of your routine and it will leave you alone.

    No excuse's
    Dont debate it

  • Happiness February 26, 2021 | 1:46
    Congratulations on your continuing success Mia. Your story of experience is very enlightening and appreciated. We can quit smoking when we put the mind to it. When we WANT we can take steps to achieve.

    PuffNoMore, I do agree that the scare tactics are unnecessary. They are true but only cause more stress to those trying to quit, which is why we just gloss it over with terms like "Health". Mindset is necessary however. I am not sure that self responsibility or determination comes into it. We were Drugged. When you understand that we became addicts with encouragement from society, brainwashed into believing that smoking did things which we WANTED to believe. When you understand that it is all lies and that we do have the power to quit easily, then you can quit easily.

    I am happy to see that you, a tough nuts to crack PuffNoMore, finally succeeded in quitting. I had my doubts. Over a year, I felt so bad that I could not reach you, and neither did those who spent time supporting you on the back pages. It was a real struggle for you and I am so proud of you for seeing it through and expressing to others that it is all worthwhile. Your determination won. Determination or Mindset?

    I quit very easily with the mindset. When I realized that smoking was pointless. Why would I want to spend my money on it? When I gained that belief that i could quit, I BELIEVED. Simple and pain free.

    We were brainwashed. Time to get de-programmed.
    Changing the way you look at something can alter your perception forever.

  • softly40, Mid North Coast February 26, 2021 | 8:29
    Well done Mia, I was on Champix and I also ended up with one instead of 2, I am glad you are now counting your blessings at night before sleeping, you do end up feeling a lot happier throughout your quit. As for the mindset, we need to explain this more, it is a physcological position which takes some people a lot more time to come to terms with, once this is firmly rooted in our brains, we only have to express our determination by using our Mantra whatever that is, mine is NOPE not one puff ever.

    No one can tell you how to feel, I did feel quite depressed regarding the "Friend" we should not be thinking of the cigarette as a human being, the cigarette is a drug, and mainly the Nicotine is so addictive, it can be overpowering for some people.

    I lost my partner, and he was my best friend, so this took a while for me to accept the distinction between the cigarette as a "thing" and the human aspect of loss towards a tragic event of "human" significance. If we know that our so called friend is "not human" then we can embrace this quit earlier than before with some sense of relief.

    We are all different and we all come to the table at different times, one size does not fit all that is what makes us so beautifully human. Please keep in touch with your progress as you see it, and remember you have friends here to help you.
  • Mia88, Hunter New England March 09, 2021 | 17:14
    Thanks everyone. So far so good, Especially with just 1 now it's alot better i still get headaches and some times feel off but thats about it no other side affects. Im currently 50 days today! im going to complete the 24 weeks and im going to still continue on after its finished! I like not smoking and im slowing getting used to not smoking the more i do things differently and also try and change my mindset, at the start it was a little difficult but it find it a little easier as the weeks go on but in saying that its only been 50 days but still a big accomplishment for me and i feel so proud that im pushing myself not to do it any longer! :)

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