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Posted in Staying quit 18 Feb 2021

After reaching a year since my last puff on the 6th of February 2020, I set myself toward another goal.

$10,000.00 saved so far is tomorrow!

It has become very easy to not smoke now. And I'd like to thank myself, for "not smoking - no matter what"

Thank you team.



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  • Lia February 18, 2021 | 21:28
    Go PuffNoMore! You are truly a winner. So obviously enjoying that "pay rise". Better than any employer will give. And at the rate cost is going up 12.5% pa, after 5 years that could be $60K or $70K in your overs tray. Nothing to be sneezed at. Enjoy your freedom.
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW February 18, 2021 | 21:40
    Hi Lia. I hope you are keeping safe and motivated in the far west of this country?
    Yes, every Friday, I pay myself $185.50 which would have went up in smoke and choked every cell in my body!
    I find it so easy to keep myself motivated and out of harms way.
  • softly40, Mid North Coast February 19, 2021 | 8:36
    Great news PuffNoMore, and congratulations on one year. I bet you sleep better at night time too, with that extra money to pay for things you couldnt afford before, and being in front with your bills. Well done and keep in touch your posts certainly help everyone.
  • Nuts February 19, 2021 | 22:01
    $10.000. Wow thats a lot of money. Bet you have paid off those credit cards. Its great to be free. I work with a lady who buys smokes before she buys food. She is totally addicted and wont even try to quit. I am so glad that the nicotine monster is no longer in our lives. Well done Puff. Buy yourself something nice 😊💞
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW February 19, 2021 | 22:16
    Yeah, Ive paid the credit card off. Bought myself a new ute. Well not new, but better than the old one. All good thanks nuts, softly and the rest of our team.
  • Happiness February 21, 2021 | 8:40
    I am glad to see that you are living up to your name. PuffNoMotr. Congratulations Buddy. I am so happy for you and all those who continue to be happy non-smokers.

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