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Slip up

Posted in Quit experiences 29 Oct 2020

Slipped up today and had a cig. Three the pack away right away, but I'm scared that this could be the start of a downward spiral. When I've gone for any length of time in the past this is how I started again.

One thing that envoy me is that I've never gone this long before (over a month) and the cig wasn't that good, had a pudding afterwards which was so much beter-should have reached for the pud instead! It was still on my mind that when I'm in a terrible mood nicotine makes me feel better, but in reality it didn't, and the pudding did. This isn't the way it used to be, when I was first quitting nothing would satisfy except for nicotine, so I'm glad I learnt that this is no longer true for me. Maybe next time I'm in a horrible mood I will reach for the more satisfying pudding.

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  • Hmali November 02, 2020 | 13:07
    All the best for your new attempt. It’s a learning curve that’s all!
  • Safe2017 October 31, 2020 | 12:59
    All Good advice above. Also, try sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds diminish cravings, keep your mind on a useless task of getting the seed out of shell and hand to mouth movement resembles cig to mouth movement that all new quitters miss so much. I know I did. Good luck, stay strong and practice NOPE - not one puff ever. Cheers.
  • vincent October 30, 2020 | 13:47
    Softly40 thank you and I do need to drink more water.
    Flowers66 I like the sound of being a non smoker, don't think I've ever thought of myself that way before, so thank you. I've also tried the patches and find them to be the best nrt out there because you don't tend to get a hit but rather a constant nicotine release which I found easier to come off than sprays and lozenges. Let me encourage you right back once you've done a week you're through the worst of it.
  • Flowers66, South Eastern Sydney October 30, 2020 | 10:17
    Hi Vincent,
    a month off the dreaded cigarettes is fantastic! You have actually become a non smoker.
    NOPE is my mantra,makes me stay on track and while it's not terribly exciting,I have a full jug of water and glass nearby all day.If a tiny thought comes to smoke,I slowly pick up that jog, and real slowly pour myself a big glass.Breathing slowly is really helpful too. You don't need cigarettes,you can do this.I'm on day 11 and finding the patches are working very well.
  • softly40, Mid North Coast October 30, 2020 | 7:41
    Hi Vincent, I have had slip ups, and yes it does take you back down the rabbit hole. I had to learn to ask myself why I was in a bad mood and it could be something really simple. Food is a comfort that is true, much better than reaching for that illusionary cigarette.

    Eventually, I used deep breathing x 3 times, plus the Mantra NOPE (not one puff ever) this worked for me. The Nicotine stick loves to keep you hooked on it, but you have the power and the control, you just need to use it in other ways. Keep on moving forward with your main aim.
  • vincent October 29, 2020 | 22:27
    Thank you both for Getty back to me so quickly. Really needed a pep talk. Thanks again
  • Robn October 29, 2020 | 16:38
    Hi Vincent....keep going and reach for anything other than a cig next time you are grumpy. Learn from this slip and reaffirm your reasons for wanting to be a non smoker.....there is no reason to have a cig because you don’t want to smoke anymore.....ever. A lot of us have had slip is just a matter of putting it behind you and moving forward. If you can do a can do forever.
  • Happiness October 29, 2020 | 9:54
    See, you learned something about yourself. This time is different than the other times because you have learned more along the way i bet. Understanding how nicotine took over your life, your new found resentment towards it, your belief in yourself after coming this far......
    A slip does not mean the end. Yes you may have triggered the sensors that you had laying dormant, but you are still obviously dealing with the mindset. A craving is a craving where ever the source, so really little harm done. Pick yourself up and think positive!

    Was it chocolate pudding? Would have made the decision easier for me. lol

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