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I Am Lost

Posted in Hints and tips 20 Oct 2020

i have recently been told to start chain smoking. though i take the p*ss out of this website, i was truly hurt that a member of this community told me to take up smoking once more.

u may think i am mentally unstable, and i am but i have had a lot on my plate. people have come and gone in my life and i have been struggling (somewhat). i come on this site 2 brighten up other's lives and yet i feel threatened and offended.

i have had to deal with ret*rded men which has taken a toll on me, never on this website have i ever told any1 to smoke, this is NOT the point of this website but yet u all feel as if u can bully and harass me.

u r driving me to my limit- i no longer know what to do.

- chwoe

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