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Posted in Staying quit 30 Aug 2020

Happy Sunday everyone. thank you to to everyone who shares their stories and write comments. I love being able to share and read the stories and comments. For me it is definitely playing a major role in keeping me smoke free. I am on day 33 with a slip on day 19. I am so so grateful that I didn't just quit and give in and take up smoking after my slip. I am so happy to be on day 33 and in the company of all you all. I chuckle at myself because every time I have given up smoking my voice changes and yes it has done it again, I dont know if its all in my head or not but it sounds better it has a little huskier tone to it. I love singing even though I know I have no talent for it I just love it and whenever I give up smoking i recon my singing voice sounds better. I just love not being a shackled to the cigarettes and when I am babysitting I get to spend all my time with the kids no more sneaking out the back for a cigarette. My skin and eyes looks so much clearer. I keep doing deep breathing exercises and can feel my lungs are able to take so much more air in. I just love being smoke free. Have a magical day everyone.

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  • New chapter September 08, 2020 | 9:18
    That’s cool Jess,
    You, Gemma and I can all embrace the journey together,taking inspiration from all of the guys who have more days,months and years under there belts,I love this forum it’s so inspiring.So far away in England but so close to support 😊
  • jessfreeof, Northern NSW September 08, 2020 | 7:32
    Oops meant to say I will be sticking with you new chapter not I will be sticking with you follow ☺️
  • jessfreeof, Northern NSW September 08, 2020 | 7:27
    Thank you new chapter. It's great to have quit buddies who are walking the smoke free path around the same stages we can help one another ✍️🙌. Gemma23 is just in front of us at 3months and a couple of days I imagine her standing there saying come on jess you can do this and I just smile and skip along to catch up with her. Than we have the ones with hundreds and thousands of smoke free days under their belts I can only imagine what that would be like to have so much time up. They have the wisdom. I need them all if I am to stay smoke free everyone on here is an inspiration to me. I will be sticking with you follow and skipping behind the ones that have come before us. Have a magical day👍🌅
  • New chapter September 07, 2020 | 21:38
    Well done Jess,never give in,I stopped cold turkey on the 2nd of August so we are in the same time span of stopping,I agree with what you say about looking,feeling and breathing better,I’m feeling the same😊good luck,stick with it
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW September 01, 2020 | 0:34
    Mullambindy, Murwilimbah, Lismore, meat-pies and holden cars, Anyhow, have a winfield.
    And We'll put another shrimp on the barby for ya.
    Sorry just having a laugh at our slang.
    Because I can,
    Thank you for your comments, keep the dream alive.
    Some may go EH?
    And, like you say, That's ok.
  • jessfreeof, Northern NSW August 31, 2020 | 13:48
    Thank you so much Gemma23,happiness,puffnomore and hopefulnothelpless your support is so wonderful and encouraging. I love smelling the beautiful fresh air and flowers too. 3 and 6 months smoke free sounds so good and the way you all share about it gets me excited to think it only gets better. I am up in the Byron Bay area. Keep on singing hopfulnothelpless and I will too not because i have a talent for it but because I love it. Enjoy your afternoon everyone and love and light to all our lungs
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW August 30, 2020 | 23:58
    I think Australia is doing its best to stop smoking.
    If its true? Australia has closed its last tobacco growing and cigarette manufacturing plant/ factory this month.
    If you feel like smoking? You'll pay much more, because, you'll need to buy from imported ciggs now.
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW August 30, 2020 | 23:42
    Yep Shaz, If the end of smoking BIG Tobacco's heartless selling of making smokers live's shorter and sicker! I'm all for killing THEM off, Not us.
  • Happiness August 30, 2020 | 23:27
    Hi Jessfreeof. Thanks for sharing your awesome comments. Positive attitude will vring avout the positive change with far less discomfort. You are doing awesome and will great success as long as you keep on acknowledging all the good changes you are esperiencing. I am glad you are so happy in such little time. The freedom is terrific.
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW August 30, 2020 | 23:27
    its people like you we thank for sharing. what part of northern NSW are you?
    I'm down south. And it is puzzling why we rarely here from the other states?
    We got Nuts from S.A and Lia from W.A and cant recall anyone from anywhere else?
  • Hopefulnothelpless August 30, 2020 | 22:33
    Good on you for getting to day 33. I love the idea of deep lung breathing. I will have to give that a go as well. So encouraging about your skin and eyes as well.

    I totally agree I get a much better singing voice when I quit, and it’s nice to think of all the little rewards as well as the big ones.

    So excited to be free of the dreaded weed as well. It’s so refreshing!

    In no time we will be writing our 6 month posts, I cannot wait! You’re doing ace, well done!
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW August 30, 2020 | 21:29
    yep, three month's is always a turning point.
    3 weeks is some achievement. Getting past those periods for any rusted on smoker could be the change of a habit of your/our lifetime!

    Do the right thing and keep free of tobacco.

    I always knew smoking was a dead or (sick mans) prerogative.
  • Gemma23 August 30, 2020 | 17:37
    Well done to you keep up the hard work
    It's worth it in the end up.
    I have started walking myself just so I no that my lungs are more clear now and I can smell the beautiful fresh air and flowers.
    Keep going 33 days is so good feeling.
    Once you get 3 month mark you will feel the benifit more and more 🙂

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