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Acknowledge the Good

Posted in Quit experiences 26 Aug 2020

I went to shop at one of my favourite stores "Officeworks" and as i got out of the car I suddenly realised "I'm free!" I'm free of this cursed habit of Smoking! It was a liberating moment. Smoking used to determine when I got up in the morning, how many cups of coffee I would have, while it was rapidly sending me broke! I literally smoked, on average, 23 smokes a day @ $1.50 per cig it was a $34.50 per day nicotine habit. But I have learnt from previous times I have quit and that is, I am one cigarette away from putting cigarettes back in control of my life! No Thanks! It is the first one that does the damage! If I let it out of the cage it will send me broke again, plus all the health costs. It is lose/lose. But I don't take it for granted, it is a one day at a time program. This site has been very helpful for me, and the people who are also members, it is helping me kick this thing for good, (one day at a time). I could go and shop today and enjoyed buying things I could pay for. It is worth Acknowledging the Good, and so long as I keep doing that, I will remain free from this curse. If you are reading this and wondering when to quit the answer is Now! Just do it. You will be happier for doing it. Get your life back! Thanks.

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  • jessfreeof, Northern NSW August 27, 2020 | 19:38
    Im sticking with you folks
  • davegoodo , Murrumbidgee August 27, 2020 | 15:34
    I joined ICanQuit on 11-May-2015. Today I have 15 days smoke free, and I feel more confident about remaining smoke free now. I've made mistakes but I have also learnt from them. The biggest one is NOT to have the first one! Keeping it simple helps as well.
  • Happiness August 27, 2020 | 14:10
    I love veing on the winners side. I will never let it dictate my life again. I am finally free after 40 + years and staying that way with N>O>P>E
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW August 26, 2020 | 21:39
    I take one day at a time too. And I dont spend $54 every second day!
    We are winning! its a win/win situation, yippee

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