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Posted in Reasons to quit 22 Aug 2020

I live in Arizona, US and I have COPD. I'm already been a non-smoker for 34 days still have very painful coughing fits. Pain was why I quit smoking. I was and still am have very horrible coughing fits. I be-leave I still continue to be a non-smoker my coughing will stop hopefully. I was only smoking for like 10-14 years. I'm 43. In 2011 I had cancer. (Acute lymphoblastic leukemia-ALL) I smoked like it was going out of style before my cancer. I do feel a lot better now,but I wish my coughing would go away. When I do cough I get numb, feels like it lasts for day,but it's been mins, I get sweaty, uncontrollable crying, tingly and lots of lots of pain. My mane relief is my nebulizer machine. There is no care for COPD there is a care for Asthma My lung Dr told me. I look at a cigarette and see pain. Because I know I'll deal with it later. Hoping for better health.

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  • Happiness August 22, 2020 | 21:18
    Hi Mitchlovin. Hopefully since quitting smoking those coughing spells are easing up some. Learn avout nicotine and you and WANT to quit smoking instead of having to. It really made it easier for me. While quitting smoking may e hard to do, repercusions from smoking can e harder. The process only takes a short time in comparison. While COPD may not have a cure, it can e managed.
    Continuing to smoke will only make it worse and all you can do now is to try and strenghten your lungs with fresh air and ecercize. I hope you will find information , tools and support here to help you achieve this freedom from smoking. We did and you can too.

  • Danzaa August 22, 2020 | 23:36
    Hi mate, quitting smoke is great step and like happiness said COPD is manageable, I have been in counciling with some of my close friends in these tough times, remember don't let your Brian use you and your body, it's us who have to control over our body, and I have found meditation is great way to relief anxiety and come over through these pains. Take care mate

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