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Day 1 - Needing support

Posted in Quit experiences 10 Aug 2020

Hi everyone,

I am in my late thirties, smoked from 15 - 28. Quit for 10 years and started again 1 year ago. You don't need to tell me how stupid this is, I thought I was immune from the addiction at this point. I now have young children. My husband and I thought it would be fun to have a couple of smokes one night and that we wouldn't get hooked again. Now I hide in isolation around the back of the house and hide from my kids so they don't know I smoke.

My mother was diagnosed with lung cancer within the last year. You guessed it, I am still smoking. I am in isolation due to COVID and cant leave the house and generally really bored. I am depressed and disappointed in myself. I know I can do it but the first few weeks are hard. I really want it gone forever so I am not thinking about 'scheduling' in smoke breaks all day.

Anyone quit during COVID isolation? I cannot wait 6 months to quit so I have started in ISO. My husband and I are quitting together, he is less addicted than I am. Sounds like a bad idea but I figure we can support one another? Going well so far for day one but it is obviously on my mind. Any advice is appreciated!

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  • Happiness August 11, 2020 | 3:12
    Just know that you can quit smoking. It is an addiction should you have trouble with that concept. It is a legal addiction but an addiction.
    Tally up the cost of smoking over a lifetime. Times 2. What could you do with that kind of money. It is certainly nothing to sneeze at , yet we burn it and slowly kill ourselves at the same time. We even have to make the time to do so.

    Quitting smoking has so many advantages. Health, wealth and the freedom. Learn how to change how you once thought of smoking and learn the truth. The truth can set you free.
  • Tay12 August 11, 2020 | 4:45
    My husband and I quit a little over 4 months ago during COVID isolation. The first 10 days were really hard for me, but easy for my husband. I figure if we can make it through this (quarantine, now having to homeschool, me getting my bachelors degree, AND quitting nicotine) WE CAN DO ANYTHING! I come back and read this forum very frequently and realize that I’m not alone in this journey!! If you have been successful for 10 years, you can do it again! Come join us in the nicotine free life! It’s great!!
  • softly40, Mid North Coast August 11, 2020 | 8:54
    Welcome Istaysee, we have had a few newbies who have started during this pandemic, and the pandemic is one good reason to stop smoking now. You have a few more reasons to give up the smokes, so list them daily, read as much as you can about the nicotine addiction which keeps us panting for more, once you take the bait you are hooked again, no shame in giving it anoher go, but this time, stay close to the forum, and practice NOPE (not one puff ever) every single day.
  • Safe2017 August 11, 2020 | 13:36
    Istaysee, you are in right place. From personal experience I certainly understand how you and your husband got hooked again. In the past I had quit twice, once for over two years and the second time for over a year. And each time I convinced myself that I Had my addiction beat and one cig won’t do me any harm. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Each time I was hooked for 10 years or more. Now I am on my 3rd and final quit I finally learned that I am an addict whose brain is programmed to smoke even after one puff. Thus my mantra is NOPE - not one puff ever.
    It doesn’t matter when you quit, COVID or not. Just quit.
    Good luck and stay strong.

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