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Posted in Quit experiences 05 Aug 2020

I am a 51 year old female who has smoked for 30 plus years. I quit on July 21,2020 using Chantix so I am about 14 days in. I never knew the physical aspects of quitting and how my body would feel. I push through a lot of days but I do want a cigarette at times. I am experiencing chest pain all the was up into my jaw at times which scares me, restless legs, high anxiety and of course cravings. Please share with me how long this lasted for you. I hope to relate to someone else here. I actually feel better today than I have since quitting. I am hoping this is the beginning of the end of this physical pain. How long did it take you to feel better?

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  • Happiness August 05, 2020 | 22:00
    Hi Lisa. Everyone's quit is different and some go through physical hardships. Most are short lived. Think of the good that you are doing for your body and I think the pains will subside. I truly believe that a lot are manifested. The mind can play tricks on us.
    While what you are experiencing is hopefully coincidental, Chest pains and Jaw ache are certainly scary signs of a heart attack and I for one would not just ignore them. Have it checked out and you can let that anxiety go or deal with it as necessary.
    Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.
  • LisaB87 August 05, 2020 | 23:19
    Thanks so much for your response and your insight. I spoke with my Dr yesterday and she thinks my physical symptoms are all withdrawl related. I actually felt great yesterday and so far so good today as well. Fingers crossed the physical withdrawl symptoms are gone for good. Have a great day:)
  • Safe2017 August 07, 2020 | 4:24
    Hi LisaB87,
    Stay strong and patient. Practice NOPE (not one puff ever) and you'll succeed. Initially it's a big mind game because there are two very distinct entities in your head fighting each other. One is saying that one puff would be okay but the other one says NO, No, No. Don't let the one wanting a puff win or you'll be back to square one before you know it.

    Sending cheers and perseverance your way.
  • LisaB87 August 07, 2020 | 4:51
    Thank you so much Safe2017. It is a struggle but I never want to start this over and that helps me push thru. I appreciate your encouraging words! NOPE for me is the answer.

    Have a beautiful day!
  • Nurpriyanka August 10, 2020 | 19:04
    Hi Lisa, I'm glad you are feeling better. It gives me hope.
    I quit on 29th July 2020 after smoking for nearly 23 years. I feel the same symptoms- chest pain, throat pain, restless legs, headaches. I feel better with a good workout or walk. I have been worried too that's why I came here to check if anybody else is also feeling this physical pain. Thank you for sharing your experience.
  • LisaB87 August 10, 2020 | 22:44
    Nurpriyanka.....It's nice to know we are not alone in this. It always makes me feel better to know someone feels the same as me. I am going to implement taking walks however I am in Texas and the heat is brutal right now. Thanks for being there for me. You just made my day by responding:) Thanks for sharing your experience and hand in there. Today is day 20 for me and I feel better each day.
  • Broncor, Mid North Coast August 13, 2020 | 20:55
    Hi lisab87, I quit 18months ago using champix. 49 yr old smoked for 30yrs, I remember similar symptoms, I have anxiety so that didn’t help. I started walking and now even doing Zumba. Omg, it’s so nice to breath. Hang in there it gets better so quickly, physically and mentally. Some think champix causes some strange side effects but I researched a lot and I think it is all part of the withdrawal process. Keep in touch with your gp. I don’t come on this site much anymore as I am busy enjoying life as a non smoker. I know I will never be a smoker again. I wish you all the best

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