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"The Only Thing To Fear is Fear Itself" Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Posted in Quit experiences 18 Jul 2020

HI everyone, I have just received the lovely miss you email from the The iCanQuit Team, so I wanted to say a big hello to everyone long term members and all new members on this wonderful site. Today I sit at 2 years, 3 weeks, and 4 days quit (cold turkey was my choice). The time has really flown by and I only now ever think of cigarettes when I see them in movies or on the streets. I never have an urge to have a smoke, on the contrary the things disgust me now. I feel sick to my stomach when I smell them on other people. My downstairs neighbor smokes and I can smell it a mile off.

Since I have stopped smoking I can now truly understand the meaning behind the wonderful quote "the only thing to fear is fear itself". How true that saying is. Let's all be honest, we all fear stopping smoking (as i did) the fear of the withdrawal pains and worries, the physical aches and pains, the emotional and psychological pain. But it is really very short lived in the larger scheme of things. Tell yourself that the withdrawals and all of the associated symptoms will pass. Feel the pride and accomplishment every time you ignore the temptation. Remember what we fear is the fear itself.

I am filled such pride and happiness that I am no longer a smoker. I know that many of you on this site can relate and I know that many more of you will also soon feel this way. Love and best wishes to each and everyone of you. Many the universe embrace you with love and light.

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  • Happiness July 19, 2020 | 10:53
    Great to hear from you and so good to know you have embraced life as a true non-smoker. We can escape the tyranny, and knowing that it was only the relief from feeding the addiction that gave us any feeling of pleasure, a rat race, a never ending cycle that empied our pockets and worse, but we were so brainwashed and in fear of facing a little hardship that we endured and accepted.

    Forums like this give knowledge, quidance and support. We know it is possible to desire and achieve the freedom we were born with. Enjoy your freedom Dabs. We may have to face our fears first, but we can win once we do.
  • Safe2017 July 20, 2020 | 0:01
    Congratulations on your success. Well done.

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