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2 months mark

Posted in Quit experiences 18 Jul 2020

Hi guys, I still can't believe that I can say I'm 2 months free..

How was week 9? Great.. I have feeling, that I don't crave for ciggie anymore, just still thinking about smoking few times a day.. there are memories, but not dangerous.. I'm curious how it will be in month 3.. if the memories will be in less quantity..

I have stopped write my daily diary, since I don't need it anymore.. I started it 8 days prior my quit day, after 3 days there was slip up for 2 days, after that I started count again from day 1 and now it is 62 days.. wau.. :)

I really would like thank you, a big thank you all of you for incredible support, advises and mainly for your stories, your successfuly stories.. And big thank to this site of course, I'm so glad that I found it..

How is life as non smoker? More calm, more enjoyable and with much more energy and time which you can use for your families, children, work, excercise, friends, hobbies, dreams, whatever you want, you are unstopable now.. ;)

Motto for this week (and my best personal motto): The easy day was yesterday.. So go strongly for what you want, everyday, without excuses..

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  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW July 18, 2020 | 21:13
    Well said Matik-one and yes your third month will be easier than your last!
    We can keep counting day by day to avoid any situation where some temptation may arise? Like someone offering you one! Its no thank you and under your breath you say NO WAY!! I dont smoke-NOPE.
    Keep that mindset of you had your last chug 62 days ago, 3 month's ago and so on. Be absolutely certain that your smoking days are over. You have made that decision final and have no EXCUSE to re-start a single Puff.

  • Happiness July 19, 2020 | 11:16
    Love your new found freedom and remember NOPE. While your diary may have served its purpose, i hope you will visit our site from time to time and encourage newcomers. Our success can inspire another to find the confidence within themselve to also succeed.

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