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Posted in Reasons to quit 29 Jun 2020

I quit smoking after 13 years of half a pack a day about 2.5 months ago! I quit because I developed a tickle in my throat and persistent cough. I thought when I quit it would go away but it sadly hasn’t and now I also get food stuck in my throat. So looking at Dr Google, it would suggest I will die from throat cancer! I talked to my doctor about it and he didn’t really give it much attention. He told me to keep an eye and if it continued he would refer me to an ENT. A month after my phone appointment (due to COVID19) my cough and throat tickle as well as food getting stuck was not getting better so I called doctor again and he ordered a blood test and chest X-ray BEFORE he would refer me to an ENT. I can see the blood test results online and everything looks OK but I don’t know about the chest X-ray, it has been a little leas than a week since my X-ray and my doctor hasn’t called me to follow up! I’m going crazy thinking I have something sinister going on in my throat. I really hope my doctor picks up the pace and gets me an ENT to ease my mind! I am 40 and I exercise almost everyday since quiting! Apart from my throat issues, I feel good and I have no desire to ever pick up smoking again. Btw I am 40 years old. I am wishing I never smoked and now I wouldn’t be dealing with this health scare! :(

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  • Mwest527 June 29, 2020 | 13:23
    My advice - STAY OFF GOOGLE. Don’t give in to temptation it will always give you worst case scenario and anxiety. This made my first 60 days a living heck.
    I had a health scare too, my chest x-ray showed an abnormality in my upper lobe. Doctor had me do a CT scan and everything was great. They said the x-ray had an error.
    If you need the peace of mind, bug your doctor for the results. But STAY OFF GOOGLE.
  • Safe2017 June 29, 2020 | 21:37
    Hi Smokeless, the fact that you have heard fro your doctor in a week is probably good because if there was anything wrong you would’ve heard already. Give your doctor a call just in case. Good luck and cheers.
  • softly40, Mid North Coast June 30, 2020 | 8:03
    Hi smokeless, stay close to your doctor, if he/she hasn't called you, as suggested it is a good thing, but to get peace of mind make an appointment to get in, the results should be back by now. It could be anything from a gotre to anything else. I always make an appointment to go in or to just speak to my doctor about a week after the test because I want a copy of the results. You are entitled to get these if you want. NOPE (not one puff ever) regardless.
  • Smokeless quitter June 30, 2020 | 11:21
    Thank you all for the comforting words and for sharing with me you experiences! Mwest I am very happy to see that your ct scan came all clear especially after that big scare of someone telling you your X-ray showed something bad! Today my doctor called me! Thank god that due to COVID I could only do a phone appointment so the doctor was able to talk to me an hour after his office called me! It turns out that my chest x-ray is all clear (thank god) but he was hesitant to refer me to an ENT. He said my throat bugging me was probably allergies but I reminded him of my swallowing problems (bits food getting stuck At the back of my throat). Finally he gave in and told me to expect a call from an ENT. I want someone to physically look at my throat. A chest x-ray wouldn’t show anything in the throat correct? Anyway as for my quitting, i am so happy to be at day 77 right now with no desire to smoke! I don’t think I really get much cravings anymore! I think the fact that I am having some throat issues and scaring myself to death is actually in a way really motivating me not to even think about smoking again! I will NEVER smoke again! NOT ONE PUFF EVER! Now I just really hope that whatever is going on with my throat, it is really nothing and I can move on with my life as an EX smoker! Thank you all kindly for listening! This site is amazing!
  • Happiness June 30, 2020 | 12:11
    While the internet is informative , like statistics they can be spun any which way. Your trusted doctor should be your first stop for any sound advice. A second opinion if things don't improve . The mind can play tricks, just as it does when quitting smoking. Once reassured , your difficulties will most likely fade away. It is the mind dwelling on the situation and manifesting what you perceive to be true, what you expect. Don't go borrowing trouble, think positive!
  • Smokeless quitter July 02, 2020 | 1:34
    Thanks Happiness! Yes I am hoping all that I’m feeling is mental! My doctor was quite reluctant to send me to an ENT but I persisted and alas he caved and will send me to the ENT. This will greatly ease my mind once I get checked out. But with this whole Covid thing who knows how long it will be before an ENT calls me or sees me. So I decided I am not going to worry much about it now, my chest x-ray and blood work were all clear and my doctor didn’t seem too concerned, so this helps me a lot! I am now trying to allow myself to celebrate and enjoy the fact that I haven’t actually smoked in 78 days! I feel especially this last moth and a half, I haven’t really let my self enjoy what I thought I could never accomplish. I think I’ll worry about my throat issues the day I see the ENT whenever that is! :)

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