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Keep going.. Just keep going..

Posted in Quit experiences 27 Jun 2020

Hi guys,

The 6th week behind me, in other words 42 days or also 1.000 hours.. Really proud of myself while writting this down, now this is my longest time without ciggarette, after 18 years, after 216 months I was able to do just one month without ciggarette.. That's addiction to the drug nothing else.. I remember very well why I stopped in that time, it was because I was doing very well in a work and I miss ciggie to fullfill that good period of my life.. I do not regret it, it my past and it should was as it was..

Back to current days, how was week 6? Worse then I thought.. Still have very dangerous memories to smoke, and quite frequently.. For me it is still fight, and will be next weeks.. But what is great is that I'm stronger every week.. So I just will be waiting for that week when cravings will disapear.. I'm ready that it can take 3 months, maybe 6, maybe more.. I don't care.. I will keep going..

Motto for this week is very truth as I have found out last years: "Only music can safe us".. Don't give up, keep going guys.. The brighter future is just after this corner..

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  • Gemma23 June 27, 2020 | 17:11
    Well done on getting to 6 weeks. You should be proud of yourself
    Do you feel a little healthier now? Breathing etc?
    I will be 2 weeks tomorrow cold turkey
    And I am proud of that.
    I have seen that we should not wait for something to happen because it will never happen and we will always be trapped.
    Don't wait for craving to dissapear they will go by themselves without your notice.
    Then 1 day it will dawn on you that there are no cravings. And your free 🙂🚭🚭
    Don't give up that you have come this far
    Doing so well
    Well.done and keep up the hard work.
    It's worth it in the end.
  • matik_one June 27, 2020 | 22:31
    Hi Gemma, thx for you reply.. I feel better in every part in my life.. I'm not so tired in the evenings, I have more power, more time, better breathing, white teeth, better stamina, everything.. that why I affraid that I will fall back to my old life - I don't really want to and every evening I thank to myself that I was strong enought to be smoke free.. 14 days / 2 weeks was for me the second most important milestone after today 1000days, because from that I felt responsibility and proud and those things help me to keep going.. So be strong and tomorrow you can congrat to yourself how you great dealing with this.. :)
  • matik_one June 27, 2020 | 23:31
    I meant 1000 hours of course.. 1000 days are from my other post in the future.. ;)
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW June 28, 2020 | 0:11
    Matic & gemma! Thank you for your thoughts and observations. They are correct and help plenty recovering from this hideous (disease) habit.
    And would be providing inspiration for those that are ONLY thinking about escaping their ghastly addiction.
    You guys ROCK and doing so good.
  • Happiness June 28, 2020 | 19:51
    Periods of time are just milestones to gage your achievement, the battle is already won if you have dedided undoubtably that you WANT to be a non=smoker and embrace that concept. Look forward , not behind. Stop waiting for the past to catch up and be forever apprehensive about something that will not happen. You are free! You are now a happy non=smoker. Proud of you.
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW June 28, 2020 | 22:36
    Great words happiness for summing up this concept. You guys have made up your mind that those cigarettes are not wanted,,,, hence you are free! Just remember one mantra N.O.P.E and remain free!

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