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Haga Raito
Northern Sydney

28 days no cigarette!

Posted in Staying quit 06 Jun 2020

Today is my 28th day without any cigarettes. Been smoking for 20 years, it's amazing that I can stop smoking for 28

Although I am still using the batches and gum, but I actually don't mind using it because it's much healthier than smoking.

Highly recommend anyone who find it hard to quit smoking to start with the patches, it simply helps.

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  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW June 06, 2020 | 19:21
    You have that right. Your last 28 days would be your healthiest month in a very long time.
    Just think how much better you'll feel after your next month!
  • Red-67 June 07, 2020 | 2:27
    Try not to think of not smoking for 28 days. Think that you quit, you had your LAST smoke, 28 days ago. We don't have to STAY quit, we simply have to quit, for good.. At this point, the NRT has done it's job. It's time to wean yourself off of that too. You have beaten smoking, now start letting go of the nicotine. Sure, there will be some withdrawal, discomfort, but only for a short time. You can be truly free :)
  • Happiness June 07, 2020 | 3:11
    You are doing great! The hardest part of the journey is the psychological part of accepting that we are no longer smokers. Getting over the addiction to nicotine is much quicker in comparison. 93 % of nicotine is out of our body by morning. We do not wake to light up. Even when we wake for the potty, we don't all reach for a cigarette before returning to bed. It goes to show that we do not NEED to smoke. Only when we are wide awake do we do the "routine" of smoking. The addiction to nicotine itself is about 72 hours to combat. Even then , they are just urges or thoughts .

    When you realize smoking really did nothing for you. Is all negatives and absolutely no up sides, you start to actually enjoy the journey and the satisfaction it gives. You will wonder what was so hard about quitting. We were brainwashed into believing it is hard to quit. Believe it won't be so bad and worth it. It will be much easier.

    Red is right about ditching the Nrt. Any nicotine product, while better than smoking, can also become addictive.

    Keep up the positive thinking. You will be free soon.
  • softly40, Mid North Coast June 07, 2020 | 7:09
    You have done really well Haqa you are right, it is amazing. I take a slightly different view in the fact that it is up to you if you want to follow the instructions given to you on the patches routine then, you should do just that. Be aware though that eventually you will need to come off the patches, you can do that either quickly or slowly. The reason for this is you are still putting nicotine into your body. Why not read up on what Nicotine does to your body, and indeed why not read up on many factors including psychological ones by reading alan carr's book "The easy way to stop smoking" you might even feel like looking at a video or two such as
    " How to grow to be a happy smoker " by Nasios Davos its on u tube.

    Keep it up and you can now afford to go out to buy that well earned treat.
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW June 07, 2020 | 15:00
    Oh hi HAGA.
    Just a couple of quick suggestions of my observations and experiences with any NRT ..Firstly, many people report that big (21mg) is often way too much nicotine delivery, even for a 35 a day smoker like I was.
    Also with the nicotine gum. I remember we had two choices. Using 4mg or the 2mg. Its up to the user to not only choose what strength of gum to infuse, but highly important to use restraint in the amount of pieces you use each day.
    Otherwise one can remain constantly addicted to nicotine. OK.. It is 100 times better than smoking, but, the stray dog can constantly be nipping at your heels let alone your craving's.
    NRT has its place and hiccups is one sure sign that your body is transfusing way more nicotine than when you used to smoke.
    All the best. I hope this helps some-one if not you my buddy Hago.

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