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The start!

Posted in Getting started 26 May 2020

My quit journey begins tomorrow! I am going cold turkey as I’ve tried reducing in the past and ended up lying to myself and others around me.

I’ve been thinking about quitting a lot lately and kept pushing it to the back of my mind or finding excuses.

My big step was today saying ‘I need to go to the shop to get ciggies’. When I got to the shop I said ‘no you’re can do this and you will’ so I resisted buying them and left after doing the groceries. Here we go 😊

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  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW May 26, 2020 | 23:53
    You're starting with the best state-of-mind.
    I used to budget for smokes and alcohol before food.
    Now Quit, I shop for groceries without stress knowing $27 0r $37 dollars are not needed.
    Yippee & hope you can eradicate the weed too!
    good luck.
  • Happiness May 27, 2020 | 2:07
    Funny how we moan about groceries going up in price and will at times boycott some products, but that we never boycotted cigarettes. Once quit, we can get our priorities straight and find the extra to treat ourselves better whether physically or mentally. Money to spend on things that matter, and our time back without having to slink off and feed the addiction. Think of it . You are an addict. Someone close to me was, and I so badly wanted them to turn their lives around, but what a hypocrite. So I beat the addiction and they did too. I am proud of them and myself. I am free. You can be too. A wonderful decision Lozzy, the last time. You have had practice runs and you know you can do it this time. Think positive!

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