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Find your way to stop it if you want to?

Posted in Reasons to quit 07 May 2020


You need to Want to go without smoking to proceed.

I cant say its been easy. But, it is what I wanted and here I am at

one-quarter of a year smoke free! I have learnt to not let any excuse to light up and have no reason to pay any shop ( selling tobacco) for some stupid draw-back of poison down my throat and instant hit to my brain.

Because I smoked I have COPD which May not recover?

Stop smoking now. Before its too late.


Not One Puff Ever

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  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW August 06, 2020 | 22:03
    Thx my Quit buddy from way back. Glad your holding true to yourself.

    Tomorrow marks my 26th week and looking forward to the 6th of February 2021 My one full and complete year mark SMOKE_FREE.

    It's an uncompromising sh%t of an addiction for many of us. I have finally recognized that one smoke is too much.
    I PuffNoMore.
  • John 100 August 02, 2020 | 13:13
    Haven't been on site for a while, great to see you have made it this far. Keep going and congratulations.
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW June 05, 2020 | 21:58
    (I'm laughing) at my inability to type properly with my broken hand, and your typing fingers back to normal after almost dying after your heart attack!
    Its amazing you know!. LIFE. All living things have to die. We all know that is a fact. Yet. We forget that fact. And its a good thing that we forget about the end of life. Otherwise, we wouldnt be bothered to communicate anymore.

    X ?

    Only skin deep

    There is always the sun we can rely on,.

    I have a feeling it maybe the links that is not sanctioned?
  • Happiness June 03, 2020 | 13:02
    Sorry to hear such upsetting news but glad you are alright. Cars can be repaired and even you will mend. It will sort itself out and is not the end of the world. I know it can seem like it, but life does go on. Look at me, walking miles and got my new keyboard today. No more stuck "b".
    Between the old keyboard this morning, and getting every comment flagged, I was not a happy camper either.
    My typing fingers have returned to normal as well..... things usually do get better in time. I am glad you did not bow to picking up a smoke. I am so proud that you stuck with it and succeeded. You are the true inspiration around here.

    Take care of yourself, rest your hand and stay safe!
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW June 03, 2020 | 9:24
    Oh, Thank you Shaz.
    I havent got alot of time to explain things at this point in time. Either too busy or fighting some silly legal battle. on my hundredth Day I was involved in a car accident and finding it difficult to prove my case as the driver AT-Fault!
    Anyway I have a broken hand and a concerned ego as I have limited insurance and may be proven to be the driver at fault?
    We dont know5 yet?
    As a consequence I cant w5ork w5ith my injury just ye6t and some damages to my car not covered by Insurance. The other driver was comprehensively covered and going for as much monetary compensation as she can get. She is a lovely women, but suing for all she can get. She is un-injured apart from whiplash and shock.

    Never mind.
    Come this friday will mark 17 Weeks and the $3,000 and more saved from BIG TOBACCO may or maynot burn up in legal fees?? LMFHO. If not, its enough to fix my car. Actually. I have since fixed my car.

    Will catch up soon when I reach and surpass my day 125 when we first met almost a few years ago.

    Kind Regards


    PS. Thankfully I had enough (third party property & personal damage) to cover her car. So things could get better if I win?
  • Happiness June 03, 2020 | 3:12
    shajou99 at if you want to ever reach me. Hope you are well and safe.
  • Happiness June 03, 2020 | 3:10
    Iam surprised it went through. What changes were you refering to? I really hadn't noticed any until the issue of posting .
  • Happiness June 03, 2020 | 3:08
    As you proaly know my keyoard sticks on a certain letter. You also saw my note to the administrators. I never mentioned toacco companies.
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW May 10, 2020 | 23:15

    The above link has been a fave of mine for years.
    It reminds me that I wanted to smoke (have it all), But you cant have it!
    Epic mantra.
    by FaithNoMore.
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW May 10, 2020 | 23:06
    Its nice to give inspiration sometimes. And It;s just ones opinion that I've mastered the devil. Cant be too confident that I have won any war, but, I can say I'm getting by everyday without to smoke. I'd love to announce that my abstinence is easy-peessy to motivate others for their Quit.
    The 3 days was insane.
    The next 3 weeks shook up insomnia and insatiable eating and heightened excitement in the my achievement!
    Getting past 3 or 4 weeks I have been coasting mostly ok, but, fluctuating from missing a reward (in dreams mostly) to fantastically satisfied and proud of myself to be free of it.
    It remains a mind game and I Do Not Smoke- no mater what happens
    or how i think or any excuse or for any reason.
    I dont negotiate or debate it anymore

    i PuffNoMore
  • Happiness May 09, 2020 | 1:33
    You are such a true inspiration PuffNoMore. Many of us here knew you when you first attempted and just how hard you tried. I know I felt it wasn't fair to you because we know you tried so hard. I don't know if I would have been able to persist the way that you did. Now you have mastered the devil and have brought it to its knees. I am sure you are indentified by many and I hope they take stock in your accomplishment and have the belief that they too can be a winner. So proud of you PuffNoMore. Not only because you succeeded but because you bring so much to this site. Congratulations my friend.
  • Zen Calm May 08, 2020 | 9:50
    Congratulations puff no more. Your story/stories are inspiring. Thank you.
  • Soul & Heart May 08, 2020 | 9:04
    Many I am sure do want to stop it. The problem is they don't know how. And if they are like me, they don't like asking for help even when they clearly need it. I feel I lucked into my quit. And very thankful that it has remained a success. If you told me a year ago how I would quit and remain quit, I would laugh in your face. I almost feel guilty I lucked into my quit. It's why I try to be helpful here. To give back to others since I know how hard it is and can be. Thanks for sharing your story, PuffNoMore. Maybe it helps motivate others to quit and stay quit.
  • softly40, Mid North Coast May 08, 2020 | 8:23
    Congratulations PuffNoMore, 3 months have gone by already! You have one good reason to give up and i hope others will follow suit. Thanks for your input during this time it keeps us all motivated. Keep well.
  • Happiness May 08, 2020 | 0:48
    The one good thing of Covid19 is wanting to survive it. Life is good. Why continue to play russian rouelette and support the tobacco industry who doesn't care about us?We are all looking forward to the new freedoms we will be allowed. Why not free yourself of one long lasting life sentence of nicotine dependence and hence smoking ? COPD may be unreversible, but you can make wise changes to stop further progression and consequences now.
    Value Freedom BEFORE You lose it!

    Anyone can quit smoking, and it can even be easy if you CHOOSE to. We are immune to scare tactics, but there are many more reasons.......

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