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Getting motivated to Quit - Advice/encouragement welcome!

Posted in Getting started 20 Apr 2020

Hello from the UK, just signed up today as I plan to try and start my quit journey tomorrow, Monday 20th April 2020. I am 28 years old and starting to smoke is the biggest regret of my life so far, I started about 8 years ago. I don't want to be a smoker when I am 30 and I feel that it has already started to impact on my health. I have acid reflux and get chest pains and a raw feeling in my lungs on and off, I can tell that this habit is damaging my health and just doesn't agree with me. So I am taking the plunge and trying to give myself the best chance so wanted to share my story and take motivation from others. I have tried in the past but I don't think I really believed I could quit. I have been testing my willpower in small ways over the last year and making positive changes in my lifestyle which have helped with my self belief. I now exercise more and eat better and recently managed to give up chocolate for lent! (big deal for me as I am a major chocoholic!). These small achievements have given me confidence and have helped show me that I can make positive changes. So I am now keen to keep the momentum going and kick the habit! So tomorrow is day 1 for me, attempting cold turkey first (as we are in lockdown so can't really go out too often) but may try NRT if needed. However, I live with a partner who smokes and I don't think he is in the right place to quit right now, worried that he will set me back and would be appreciative of any advice for quitting with an ongoing smoker in the house!? Anyway, I intend to try and update regularly (just to track my own progress) so wish me luck :)

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  • Julyrose1 April 23, 2020 | 2:58
    Yea definitely, keep trying to remember that I will feel so much better about the achievement of quitting, rather than the temporary fix. Youtube video 'How to be a Happy non Smoker' which I saw suggested a few times on here helped me. Idea of trying to find other activities etc to get that dopamine hit or feeling of relief. I've been looking forward to walks in the evening and trying to appreciate every little pleasurable thing, every mouthful of food or good tv program. At Day 3 now.....struggled there an hour or so ago, feeling very low and stressed so went and watched some Youtube videos on quitting and checked back on here. Feel better now, going to go for my walk and confident that I will get past the 72 hour mark!
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW April 22, 2020 | 22:26
    I got through the jitters or little horrors of withdrawal from allen carrs suggestion that any uncomfortableness is the body adjusting to the normality after smoking a toxic substance which is highly desirable, particularly to the mind/brain or memory.
    good luck in the early days,
    its mostly a mind-game.
  • Julyrose1 April 22, 2020 | 4:29
    Thanks guys, I appreciate your comments and encouragement :) I am now on day 2 of being smoke free. Yesterday was torture, today is not as bad weirdly but I am getting a bit of light headedness. Chest is starting to hurt now (which is actually helping my resolve). Anyway, tomorrow is Day 3 and then I am hoping I will be over the worst of the physical withdrawal.

    I will check out the Allan Carr thing, I have found Youtube videos helpful also :)

    Thanks again!
  • Happiness April 21, 2020 | 0:26
    Remember, you can do it! We are here and behind you. Keep that promise that you made to yourself. It is well worth the effort. No one who quits ,chooses to go back and give up our new found freedom and sense of pride. Read Allan Carr, knowledge is power.
  • Happiness April 20, 2020 | 7:27
    Hello Julierose. You have come to the right place to strengthen your self belief just like we all had to. Forums to offer the support as well different approaches to your goal. I, like many quit cold turkey. With any nrt you need to do that eventually, but you seem to be ready to embark on this great journey. Think positive and know that it can be easier that way. We have been brainwashed into believing it must be hard. You can achieve this just like anything else reasonable if you want it bad enough. I have a feeling that you will do just fine. Embrace the journey, learn and grow.
  • Red-67 April 20, 2020 | 7:22
    Hello, and Welcome :)
    I will not wish you luck, because luck has nothing to do with it.. It is simply a matter of taking control of your mind, away from your addiction to smoking. Admit to yourself that you are an addict. Much more than the nicotine, we are, or were, addicted to smoking, and smoking makes you stupid. I know, I was a stupid slave to them for 45+ years. Open your mind to the truth that smoking does nothing for you, but takes your health, your money, and your time, and just make a smoke something you do NOT WANT, instead of something you can't have. You can accept the withdrawal, discomfort, without making it a craving or wanting. I knew I was free in a month, and you can do it too :)

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