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1 year today

Posted in Staying quit 04 Mar 2020

Just a quick note to celebrate, be thankful etc... to all you quitters, we got this, everyone journey is different, I used champix which made my quit, dare I say, almost too easy after 30 years of smoking, but I will never let my guard down, NOPE not ever. I know I will never smoke again, I just know. Great to breath a little easier, walking, exercising, and hopefully healthy enough to fight off any new virus. Thanks to all who supported me on my quit, you are an amazing bunch.

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  • PuffNoMore , Southern NSW March 04, 2020 | 22:13
    Proud of you, buddy!
    I'll be one month free on Friday.
  • Happiness March 05, 2020 | 2:09
    Wonderful news. Congratulations! Positive thinking makes you a winner and an inspiration to others.
  • Leeann , Central Coast March 05, 2020 | 5:10
    Congratulations Broncor and thank you for sharung. Love hearing how people are winning, gives us all strength and joy. Good on you 👍👏😊
  • softly40 , Mid North Coast March 05, 2020 | 7:41
    Congratulations Broncor, Almost one year for me too Its an amazing result isn't it. Keep it up and the same goes for me too NOPE (Not one puff ever)
  • Nuts March 05, 2020 | 13:55
    Yay Broncor. I was just thinking that it must be close to a year for you. A really big CONGRATULATIONS. I am so proud or you. Isnt it a fantastic feeling. Well done mate 🤗🏁🎉💕
  • FreshAirOK , Hunter New England March 05, 2020 | 15:47
    Congratulations on making the winners circle. I'm nearly there too. Doesn't it feel amazing? Be loud and proud! Go you.

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