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Feeling Blue

Posted in Staying quit 05 Feb 2020

Will you look at that, 444 days since I became a non-smoker.

It has been going really well for me. Until recently.

I have been slacking off on exercising. I have gained weight.

I haven’t been on the best of terms with my parents and I have been feeling like crap. I have been drinking too. Not a lot though.

Right now, I do not feel in control of my emotions. The past few days have not been the best.

I actually thought, what if I take up smoking again. I won’t, I don’t ever want to.

I must be a bit depressed. I’ll go for a walk now, slowly get back into exercising.

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  • Leeann , Central Coast February 05, 2020 | 22:24
    Hey Kennie, firstly congrats on 444 days, awesome work chicky. Sorry to hear you are feeling blue, Hey we all Yarbrough patches, but restarting smoking will not give you anything except for triggering the beast back and it will make you feel really depressed for caving. Yes start slowly getting back to your exercise, spend your spare time looking up some healthy recipes you can make to aid you in energy and to help with the weight. You are in control, it's your destiny, thing about some fun things to do to lift your spirits, perhaps plan a little getaway if that's possible. Make plans, make goals but trust me when I say you don't ever want to be back at Day 1 again. Stay strong and proud, you know better and you have got this. Keep your chin up girlfriend😊
  • Happiness February 05, 2020 | 22:24
    we know that smoking will not really make you feel better but in fact worse. do not reward an enemy and give up your freedom that you fought for. Make peace with family and yourself and take pride in all you have accomplished. do something that makes you happy. hugs
  • Lia February 05, 2020 | 23:42
    Hi Kennie. Sorry to hear you are down in the dumps. Sometimes talking to a counsellor helps. Meanwhile hope you hear the messages you need from the amazing experts in this site. They truly understand everything you are going through. Weight gain is a by product of weight loss. At some stage you will realise that if you can quit smoking you can quit shoving fattening food down your throat. Power to you, once again. You will laugh when you discover how "easy" it is. Try finding a way to eliminate 50 shades of beige from your wet. Eat bright colours and stay light...Be kind to yourself. Tackle one thing at a Tim. Better you reward yourself with food as opposed to you know what. Enjoy the ride
  • Safe2017 February 06, 2020 | 7:07
    Congrats on 444. A terrific achievement. Everyone's suggestions are great. Don't restart smoking. Think about it - if you start smoking again you will simply add a new problem to the existing ones. From my personal experience I can tell that once you restart you will feel guilty and kick yourself for starting again but by then it'll be too late. You'll be hooked. Things will get better - don't give up. Cheers.
  • Lando, Hunter New England February 06, 2020 | 9:50
    Nothing that you are going through will be solved by having a cigarette. If you are in Australia, I would suggest you get in touch with Beyond Blue.
  • Kennie February 06, 2020 | 10:34
    Thankyou guys so much. You do not know how much your encouragements and comments have brightened my day. I will stay strong.
    And wow Lia this one hit hard "At some stage you will realise that if you can quit smoking you can quit shoving fattening food down your throat."
    I needed that.
  • Lia February 07, 2020 | 23:03
    Hi. Glad that resonated with you. It is kind of funny but nevertheless true. Blunt, but it is what I said to myself and ended up losing 18kg. I referred to my eating plan as "Avoiding 50 shades of Beige". Anything white, beige, yellow, orange. Basically all things with carbs and fat. All the good stuff. Worked a treat. Do it when you are ready. Took me two years to realise my clothes had not shrunk and unfortunately I had blossomed and outgrown them. Took nine months to lose the weight. You can record weight and measurements each week on the same day and same time. You will be blown away. Eat bright (colours), stay light. It took me 45 years to decide to quit smoking. So much spare cash now for retail therapy. Another bonus.
  • Sevak August 31, 2020 | 17:11
    Congradulations , hope you are still smoke free

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