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Posted in Reasons to quit 01 Feb 2020

My quit date is Monday 3rd Febuary 2020...My reasons to Quit are: I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 5 yrs ago, and I want to keep my circulation good, I don't want any parts amputated...also to make exercise easier ,to breath better, not to have to worry about not having money for my habit ..To afford other things in life cos let's face it, it takes a lot of money to smoke there's days...I know it's going to be very hard as I really enjoy smoking, but see how I go..Good luck to all of you

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  • Happiness February 01, 2020 | 14:30
    why not read Allen Carr and understand why you only think that you enjoy smoking. Learning the truth about nicotine is a real turn off which will help in any quit and make your other motives even stronger. The proper mindset can make it all easier and lasting.
  • Lando, Hunter New England February 01, 2020 | 17:42
    Hi Charlee. Welcome.
    Do you really enjoy smoking.. ??? What do you enjoy about It? Please follow the advice of Happiness and read the Allen Carr book. It made a huge difference to me.
  • Nuts February 01, 2020 | 18:20
    Hi Charlee. You dont really enjoy smoking. You just tell yourself that you do because its an excuse to keep smoking. Once you admit the truth to yourself it will become easier to quit. You have to have the right mindset. You dont need luck. You need determination. In your post, you have already listed some reasons for quitting. Add to that list, read it every day. Smoking is not your best mate. Kick em to the curb. You can do it 👍💕
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW February 01, 2020 | 21:38
    Hi Charlee.
    Is there any perfect time to Quit?
    Of coarse not!
    Make it your priority to Quit this time.
    We know that when you are ready to Quit,that that is the best time!
    We are believing that you make it happen.
    It takes some effort, but, many others have Quit.
    Its your time.
  • Charlee51, Mid North Coast February 01, 2020 | 21:53
    Hi to everyone that has commented on my post and thank you..You have all given me something to think about."do I really enjoy smoking" I thought I did until you all actually asked, I know I don't enjoy being addicted to them and the power they have over me ..I know I smoke out of habit and boredom .I will really think about if I really enjoy it over the next day...Im going to give giving up a real go.I need to..I did give up once before for six months ,just have to get my mind set happening 🙂
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW February 01, 2020 | 22:09
    Yep Charlee, We have to open up our minds to change.

    Different way of living,
    Others give up the "old vice"
    Rejoice the second chance
    Welcome the change
    Nobody needs it
  • Lando, Hunter New England February 03, 2020 | 7:43
    Happy Quit Day!
  • Nuts February 03, 2020 | 14:42
    Today's the day Charlee. You can do it 👍💕🤑

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