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John W

patches aren't doing it

Posted in Hints and tips 31 Jan 2020

I'm using patches and found that the 1st couple of weeks was easier for me to also carry the nicotine lozenges. I'd only take one when the cravings got bad. After that first couple of weeks I didn't need them anymore, until I went to step two with the patch for the first week. I will do the same when I go to step 3. And probably carry them when I'm done with the patch for awhile, just in case. I'll never light up again! Just be careful that you don't take to many with the patch on, at the most I only took maybe 3 or 4 a day. This was enough to stop the craving, and it also reminded me how bad cigs really taste.

hope this helps.

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  • Red-67 January 31, 2020 | 8:11
    Hey John, ur doing great :)
    Something to think about though, is that the lozenges are really a placebo, and a sugar free mint, would probably work just as well. While the patch feeds your system with a constant supply of nicotine, when you pop a lozenge, to satisfy a craving, that nicotine does not even hit your system for minutes. So, it was just having it, that distracts you from the craving. What it does do, is prolong your need, by adding more nicotine to your system. As long as you give your body / brain, nicotine, there will be craving. You have already beaten the addiction to smoking, and you can be free, as soon as you wean off the nicotine. I bet you, a sugar free candy, mint, or gum will distract your craving just as well. :)
  • Happiness January 31, 2020 | 8:55
    i think you have a great plan in keeping just enough nicotine to keep you satisfied while you wrap your head around being a non=smoker. once off of the patch you might as well go cold turkey as you have to at some point. Definitely time to say goodbye to all forms of nicotine. You will do it. Great job so far.
  • Nuts January 31, 2020 | 10:27
    Hi John. You really dont need patches and lozenges. I quit with patches starting on step 2. After a month i ditched them all together. I kept a pkt of tictac mints in my bag and didnt need anything else. I think that patches are all you need and rest is all in your mind. Once you make your mind up and are really serious about quitting, it becomes so much easier. You are going really well. Dont stay on the patches for too long, you really dont need too. The companies that make them want you to stay on them for months, so they can make more money. Try delaying putting one on and see how you go. You may be suprised 💕
  • Pisces24, Central Coast February 01, 2020 | 6:59
    I was. I forgot to put one on and felt no different so I ditched them all together (read the book too).
    You dont need them now. They have been your security blanket🐟

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