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Took a walk at the beach with the wife

Posted in Staying quit 26 Jan 2020

Hello people,

It is my first time posting here. Today I am 10 days smoke free! I quit cold turkey. Today is also the first day I had a major craving while working. I recognized the trigger immediately - work and a cup of tea at the same time. I am a Graphic Designer and I usually work from home; it has always been easy for me to have a smoke while working and having a tea or coffee. Work used to be my excuse to smoke too; difficult clients, complex brief, working long hours...

I used to smoke 10 sticks a day for around 18 years. Fortunately, I don't have the smokers' cough, never had. It has been almost 9 full years since I exercised properly. Before that I used to be an athletic person and I always felt good about it. Today some of that feel good factor came back and this is a huge encouragement to carry on.

I live in Mauritius and we have some fantastic beaches here. I live close to one thankfully. It's been a while since I took the time to enjoy it. Today I decided to take the wife for a stroll. It brought back so many good memories. I am grateful for having quit, I don't plan on smoking ever again. I felt much more alive!

I am going to get some tests done very soon. It's time to assess the damage I have done to myself. I hope that it is not too bad but I am ready for whatever comes.

It feels good to share something positive. Hopefully I'll share again very soon. Planning on going for daily early morning walks till I feel comfortable enough to run!


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  • Red-67 January 26, 2020 | 8:57
    Hey,, And Welcome :)
    It sounds like you have the right mindset to make this a truly successful QUIT.
    If you give your body several weeks, before the test, you will probably see a really positive result. Some of us, like me, waited too long to decide to quit, and after 45+ years of a pack, 20, a day, can not expect a real recovery. Even so, better breathing, and lack of coughing, did come around in the first weeks. You are on the right track. Don't even think of ever going back to being a stupid slave to a cigarette. This really can be as easy as you make it. :)
  • Happiness January 26, 2020 | 9:03
  • softly40, Mid North Coast January 26, 2020 | 9:42
    Stay close to this forum shameem everyone has a lot to offer you. Your concern resonated with me, I work from home and have done for years along with Teaching.

    My Art practice also included many cups of coffee with a cigarette, and I actually, did not count how many I was smoking. I have learned over the years that planning some (me) time is so important, along with planning for others and my Practice. Giving yourself one day for just relaxing lets all the most important decisions you need to make much more fulfilling and worthy.

    Writing out my plans in micro management has allowed me to succeed in my endeavours, and doesn't overwhelm me when I think its too much to handle.

    This might be of help to you. Keep going and N.O.P.E. Not one puff Ever.
  • Lia January 26, 2020 | 19:56
    Hi shamem. I wonder if you can divert thoughts of smoking to the next smoking hot design you come up with. Hope you don't waste valuable thinking time drowning your ideas in a cloud of smoke. By the time you emerge from the smoke haze you wont recall what you were actually thinking. Distracted by totally unimportant waste of time thoughts. Don't give cigarettes any credit for your creative genius. Onwards and upwards...
  • shameem January 27, 2020 | 4:37
    Hello friends,

    Thank you all for all the positive energy and messages. It was a really encouraging to go through them.

    I think that you are absolutely right. Although I am a bit in a hurry to know how are things inside, it is better to wait a bit so that all changes are almost done. I am planning to buy an aquarium in the meantime. I love to take care of fish and watch them, it is so peaceful.

    Thank you dear. I really do think that this is the best decision I ever made. I take it as a second life or a new one. Building from the ashes of the last one, pun intended :D In some weeks, I am planning to start an online support service here in Mauritius to help people quit smoking. Already started with some ideas here and there.

    Definitely. Reading your stories here has taught me a lot. It is better than Googling all little side effects and ending up with anxiety. I do suffer from some since I quit but accepting the fact and trying to control it without medication seems to be working. Harder but cleaner I think. As I am going through some changes right now, I think that I will get the wife to help me with the planning and all. Could be easier and more enjoyable like you said.

    I have been thinking about that. I did a looooottt of thinking lately. lol. I paint in my free time. I was thinking of portraying some of the feelings of going through withdrawal and all through some acrylic canvas. On the other hand, I have thought about getting a job from 9-5 but I'm not too sure about that though. I might get back to a life left some years ago and fall into that routine again. I am currently living on the coast and loving every minute of it.
  • Safe2017 January 27, 2020 | 6:17
    Congrats on making the one decision you won’t regret! If and when an urge to smoke occurs keep telling yourself that your desire to quit is stronger than your want to smoke and practice NOPE concept - not one puff ever. You can do this. I am jealous cause I want to be on a nice beach myself. Cheers.
  • shameem January 29, 2020 | 16:24
    Hello Safe2017,

    Thank you dear. I am sure I won't regret one bit about quitting. The only thing on my mind right now is how my body is doing. I am having some chest tightness. I did get a chest X-Ray and everything is fine; well apart the smoker's lungs. lol. Next for me is gonna be some blood test and maybe a heart check-up. Anxiety is giving me some palpitations but the doc says that this is just a normal phase and should get better soon.

    If ever you are planning to come to Mauritius, I'll gladly be your guide. It's a nice place and some parts of it do look like a little paradise :)


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