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Battle won

One Year Smoke Free

Posted in Quit experiences 10 Jan 2020

In my journey to quit I visualized this moment, celebrating my one year anniversary. It was really hard to make it to this point, when times got tough I had to encourage myself to stay strong in the face of the nicotine urges. I had to remind myself it is never ok to smoke one cigarette, and that social smoking will always lead to addiction. I have always believed that our journey to be free from nicotine rest in the power of our mind, a place where no urge to smoke is ever stronger than our will to say no. Focus on your daily victories and not how hard it is to quit and you will always be victorious.

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  • Leeann , Central Coast January 10, 2020 | 5:18
    Congratulations Battle Won!!! You should be super proud of yourself for winning one of the most important battles of your life👏👏👏 I loved your post, you are so right the whole quit thing really is mind over matter. Relish in your victory👍😊
  • Battle won January 10, 2020 | 6:54
    Thank you Leeann I am really proud of myself for winning this war against nicotine. Quitting was one of the hardest and one of the most rewarding things that I have ever done, and I continue to truly look forward to a life free from cigarettes.
  • Safe2017 January 10, 2020 | 9:05
    Congrats and well done Battle won. You deserve a big pat on the back and a valuable reward for yourself. However, always stay vigilant. This demon is sneaky. Have a friend who quit smoking last year but she was off cigs for 8 years before taking just one puff. Cheers and good luck.
  • Happiness January 10, 2020 | 9:19
    Great to see you buddy, and thanks for letting me adopt your phrase, The Battle Is Won In The Mind!
    The mindset really does help on this journey to freedom and I am excited to celebrate your first anniversary with you. May you have a lifetime of them!

    Change your Mind, Change Your Future! Congratulations on choosing to make your world better.
  • Battle won January 10, 2020 | 9:53
    Thank you as always Happiness.
  • Nuts January 10, 2020 | 10:40
    Congrats Battle won. Yay you did it. Doesnt it feel great. We were only days apart in our quit, so we were going through the same things together. I am really proud of you mate . The power of the mind is a wonderful thing and i truly believe that you will be smoke free forever. Well done mate 👍🤗💕
  • BethP January 10, 2020 | 14:00
    So absolutely happy for you. I had my one year exactly a month before you. It's an incredible sense of accomplishment, isn't it! Congratulations 🌹💐😃
  • Pisces24, Central Coast January 10, 2020 | 14:40
    Safe2107.... SO TRUE...
    That evil Demon seems to catch afew of us after quitting... but they always come back to ICANQUIT...
    So as Safe has warned us.. BE VIGILANT..
    Too much hard work is done for Mr Nicotine Demon to rob us again.👿👿👿👿👿👿👿
    He's taken enough from us good folk already
    He's fleeced me...
  • Battle won January 12, 2020 | 2:07
    Thank You Safe2017, for your wise advice is well taken.
  • Battle won January 12, 2020 | 2:10
    BethP I’m looking forward to following the successful path that you are setting and congratulations on your 1 year milestone.
  • Battle won January 12, 2020 | 2:14
    Hi Nuts congratulations my friend on your smoke free anniversary, we both quit on the same date I just posted 2 days later.

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