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Replace the mental trigger

Posted in Staying quit 05 Jan 2020

7 days Nicotine free today...will be 8 by this evening!

Sitting on my couch having a cup of coffee and the junkie thinking creeps in...”’s won’t be awake for one will to the store and grab a pack...get a hot fresh cup of coffee and then you can have me...your cig buddy...with coffee!!! Yay!!! Wouldn’t that be awesome?? Wouldn’t YOU be lucky??!!!”

Ummmm🤔 NO!!!

I would be back to a pack a day in no time..coughing, swearing, spending money and hating myself for being so weak!!!!

So whatever you are...craving, thought, nuisance...what you MUST be now to me is HISTORY!!

I’m going to go walk my dogs now because boredom for me will always be a trigger, at least for awhile, and I choose not to smoke today.

For anyone else feeling a little tug, a pull, a thought that lingers, I got your back today and let’s go forward, smoke free, together!!

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  • Happiness January 11, 2020 | 15:33
    whoo hoo. Two Weeks! You're doing so awesome Jill. Just remember NOPE. Think positive and yes you can do this!
  • Pisces24, Central Coast January 09, 2020 | 13:07
    You're going great Jill....Keep up the good should have a few extra $$$ to treat yourself👸🐟
  • Jill67 January 08, 2020 | 1:15
    10 days Nicotine free today!!
    11 by this evening💃💃💃
    Thank you all for great advice and your support - I realize it’s not so much a crave that I’ve been fighting but I think a little anxiety actually🤔
    And that’s okay...and I’m thanks all and let’s have a great day!
  • Pisces24, Central Coast January 06, 2020 | 15:24
    😘👍 NUTS🙋‍♀️🐟
  • Nuts January 05, 2020 | 10:33
    Well done Jill. You have gotten through the fist week and your attitude is fantastic. You have got this. Mindset plays a huge part in quitting and you sound very determined. Stay positive and you will be the winner. Read Pisces's posts. She is the happiest quitter ever. You will be like that too. I am really proud of you 🤗🏁
  • Pisces24, Central Coast January 05, 2020 | 7:39
    If those words of wisdom don't get to you nothing will!!!!
    Such Truth in those words.
    In the first stage of quitting Mr Nicotine taps you on the shoulder a fair bit. You ignore him and you surprise yourself that you did and can.
    You are getting stronger.
    HE is getting weaker.
    Before too long you hardly hear from him at all.
    If you dont feed him, sooner or later he will stop trying to get you back into his fold.
    He hardly ever bothers me at all now!
    But he's always there. Waiting and lurking in the wings.
    I am so surprised that one day this week I had him visit me but I told him to get lost!
    I dont know why but after a few drinks he thought he had a chance to get me but he failed...I was the winner AGAIN!
    I guess the realisation that he is still there shocked me.
    But, its all good. You just take ot in your stride. 'm 1 month today and I very infrequently have Mr Nicotine bother me and it's just faded memories now.

    He is the weak one now. I am the winner.
    YOU are the winner Jill.
    Keep winning.
    I sometimes go to the shopping centre and have that feeling I've forgotten something....
    Its buying a packet of cigarettes!
    AND IT FEELS GREAT! I love walking past the cigarette counter now...
    I'm smug about it.
    So... there are many good feelings about giving up cigarettes to give you a boost.
    It's not all gloom and doom when you QUIT.
    lots of good stuff like... kissing...
    Think of the good things too. Keep going strong Jill... you've beaten The Nicotine Monster. NEVER feed him again. Go Jill!
  • Happiness January 05, 2020 | 4:28
    Good for you for staying smoke free. Do you have a list handy to look at should those urges start to claw their way back again? Also, having something to turn to and divert your attention to like a game on the phone, or simply deep breathing. Engaging in an argument is never a good idea. Remember that you have chosen to be a non-smoker and will be free of this beggar always insisting that you feed it whatever you are doing and no matter where you are. Choose to be the master of your own life. There really is nothing more boring than doing nothing with a cigarette. How many times have we told ourselves, i have to do this, but I'll do it after my cigarette. When that is done we reward ourselves with a cigarette and this continues both day and night.

    I had just retired, so should have found it more boring than most. This site and learning and feeling good about me once again kept me happy. The only real physical thing that I changed was in my routine. Instead of lighting up while i made coffee in the morning, i did up a few dishes and made the bed while it boiled. Like Red said, the coffee tastes so much better !

    Be Proud of You. This is something that you have done before, it is not a whim. All smokers want to quit smoking. When we heard of someone quitting I wished them luck and wished that i could. I just never thought that I could, but now I certainly know differently. It was that kind of self doubt, and social consensus that we heard so much that we came to not even want to try....

    You were braver than most Jill. You did try. You even succeeded for a time. The let down was in not understanding yourself and the relationship with nicotine. Seeing it for what it really is can let us stop the mourning of an old friend. We no longer want to cuddle up the the enemy and let him rob us blind. We realize that he was no friend at all. We now realize that he just took and gave us absolutely nothing.

    Take a deep breath and feel the difference in your lungs.
    Smell the air and note the difference.
    Taste things and enjoy the flavours you have missed for years.
    Taste your mouth and how clean it tastes and feels.
    Smell yourself , your hair, your clothes that smell of clean and fresh.
    You no longer offend people when you walk in a room
    You are no longer engraving deeper wrinkles around your mouth
    You will regain some of your health back and reduce risks
    You will look even better than you have in years with a brighter complexion.
    Smile for you are winning.
    Believe in yourself.
    Be confident
    Be proud
    Be free.
  • Red-67 January 05, 2020 | 2:13
    7 days ! Go you :)
    Yes, the early days are almost funny. Like two children arguing in your head. Yes you can,,, NO I will not... OH come on,, one would be nice, and on and on.. LOOL. But, if you can let go of the want. Let go of the idea of anything good about smoking, it can be much easier. Learn to enjoy your coffee even more, now that you can really taste it. I was surprised, because I had virtually never had a cup of coffee, or a stiff drink, without that smoke, for many years. I never gave them up, I just left off the smoke, and it was only strange the first few times, and I realized how much better they tasted. :) What helped me most, was making that smoke something I no longer wanted. The rest, was just a few weeks of physical discomfort. Sure, there was withdrawal, but I did not crave, miss, or want a smoke. Change the way you think. Learn to stop thinking like a smoker. Then, you can really be free :)

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