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Readiness Day

Posted in Getting started 30 Dec 2019

I’m a beginner, beginning this new chapter called Smokeless. I just joined. My plan is to stop smoking tomorrow. Today is readiness day. Smoking like a chimney reflecting on every puff why I am doing this. Listening to every hacking cough wondering why am I doing this. Reading every story, every post to strengthen my resolve. I know I can beat the nicotine, I’ve done it before. My challenge is changing my mind set, to believe I can be and will be a happy non smoker. Your stories (and the book) are preparing me for this. Thank you

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  • Happiness December 30, 2019 | 10:13
    I love the name Can Do too! Because YES YOU CAN!

    I am inferring that you joined and made your presence known today but that you have been following the posts for some time now. That is great to hear.

    While wanting to quit, to just jump in without any kind of prior knowledge (oops that would kind of be like me) and think that you can quit on a whim....tomorrow at that is a tall order! Well , I thought about it for four days while cutting down......
    It doesn't take long to get jealous and to start realizing that people everywhere are doing it, and that there is a great site, with good people who understand you and that the time has come for action.

    Welcome, don't just stand there looking in, join us!

    You have already taken three, make that four amazing steps to freedom. Firstly you CHOSE to take steps to free yourself from nicotine.
    Secondly you read Allen Carr's great book to understand your relationship with nicotine. Understanding how it took over our lives in so many ways and without contributing anything to our benefit but in fact taking so much because we had our blinders on.
    Thirdly , you educated yourself further and know what to expect in the days ahead. I would assume then that you have a plan to stay busy and keep the positive thoughts flowing when a craving hits.
    Fourthly and just as importantly , you joined a quit group. Not only will we help you with support, encouragement , knowledge and understanding, but you need never feel alone or different. Someone has felt as you do.

    I am glad that you have come prepared. I really do hate to see people have a harder time of it than necessary. Some come with doctors orders which is quite different than CHOOSING, yet i believe that anyone can learn to want to quit. Truth will open eyes , get the mind working again....... time takes care of the rest. The MINDSET just makes it all easier.

    Anyone can quit smoking. Sorry to tell you, but you are not
    You've done your homework. Now just stay positive ........ embrace this change that once done no one would trade to go back deliberately. Once free, stay in touch with this forum. Pay it forward. Not only will others benefit , but you will continue to do so as well.
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 30, 2019 | 16:02
    Welcome Cando2! You are amongst friends who care and understand your initial FEAR ..
    Don't be afraid of not smoking anymore. I was at first but once you have try it you'll love it.
    Re read the book, focus on u understanding the book addiction to Nicotine and you can outsmart it. I'm on Day 26. I've smoked for almost 50 years and never EVER been without a cigarette. I was entrapped by planning when where and how to steal away to smoke. I dont have that WORRY anymore. It's such a relief to be FREE of satisfying the Nicotine Monster.
    He ruled my entire life.
    I don't have cravings and I like being a nonsmoker and am proud of myself.
    Please stay with this. You definitely can quit
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW December 31, 2019 | 1:09
    Hi Cando,
    Just wishing you well throughout your Quest. I have no real advice, only to remind you that the human lung(s) was not designed to inhale smoke fumes. People still smoke, sure, but its declining and its classing ourselves as social outcasts. If you can rid this habit, well, you can regain so many benefits that I cannot type that much.
    Give it your best effort and give it time to settle.
    Most common is three weeks until the S--T SETTLES
  • Happiness December 31, 2019 | 9:58
    Hi Cando2.
    Today is the Day. The first day of the rest of your life free of nicotine. Are you going smart turkey or another route? When you do cut down on nicotine is is best to cut caffeine in half as well as its effect is not diminished the same without nicotine. Alcohol also uses us nicotine faster, and they is why we seem to chain smoke while drinking alcohol. Remember to start eating breakfast, which many smokers skipped and give your body the nourishment it needs to help you get through this change. Drinking water is also helpful and helps to flush toxins. In 72 hours of your last cigarette, or source of nicotine, you should feel much better. Cravings are but mere thoughts. When one hits, think something like I refuse to feed you because I am going to be free, or something as simple as I want AIR. Take deep breaths and the thoughts will pass. Don't debate with it....your decision has already been made. Never think "no I can't have one" for that is not true.Think in positive terms. Remember that you made a choice, and stick to it. You are not depriving yourself of anything because you don't WANT to smoke. You Want a better life, better health, more money, and to be in control again.

    You can do this. Breathe. Think Positive and Believe in yourself.
  • Nuts December 31, 2019 | 18:21
    Hi Cando2. Congats on you decision to quit and welcome. Day 1 is the hardest and its almost over for you. Stay positive and keep reading our stories. We have all been where you are and we did it. You will too. You will not regret it. Read our wonderful friend Pisces24s stories. She has been smoke free for less than a month, but has the best and most positive attitude ever. She is always encouraging and bubbly and so very happy to be smoke free. You will be too. Make 2020 smoke free. Happy New Year 🎈🎉🤗
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW January 07, 2020 | 1:42
    How have you been Cando2 girl?
    Just remember that the smokes have never solved any problems we have. They just create another headache when we have to fork out more money to buy them ,only to burn them and worry when to buy more.
    I am hoping that you have stuck to your plan and that you have not smoked for a number of consecutive days.
    Every ex-smoker has started from day one and I hope you are on your way.
  • Happiness January 07, 2020 | 2:16
    Hello Cando2 . I do hope you followed through on your start date and are doing well, focusing on the victory and staying positive. Tomorrow should be a week since your start, so maybe you will let us know how you are doing with another story. If for some reason you had a rocky start, pick yourself up and try it again. We never achieve anything by giving up.
    Keep reading. Keep learning and keep the desire to quit smoking more than you want to. Make up your mind once and for all and you can do it. You came to us to be free. Do not fear it but embrace this journey. None of us would ever choose to be a smoker again. We fear that we might slip back into that dark hole again. With the right mindset behind us, we can relax and enjoy our freedom, for nicotine has lost its hold on our minds. Unfortunately we will always be addicts to nicotine and thus NOPE. Not One Puff Ever. We may be stronger than nicotine, but always protect your back. It is an evil stalker.

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