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Hunter New England


Posted in Getting started 28 Dec 2019

Have only pretty much started.

I have smoked 30/35 cigarettes a day for nearly 30 years.

Started this 18days ago with cutting down using patches.

I am now on day 6 of no ciggerates.

And am a complete mess...

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  • Trying..., Hunter New England December 28, 2019 | 13:38
    Not sure how I'm gonna make it.
    I'm a mess already .
    My question is when does this end ...
    Thought when I hit the 3/4 day mark these cravings would subcide only I believe they are worse.
    I take my hat of to all that have stuck it out, truly hope to be a success story also
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 28, 2019 | 14:30
    We've all been where you are. Stay on this website as you will get support and help and friendship from people who care.
    Read or buy the Allen Carr Easy way to quit smoking.
    I smoked 10 a day for 47 years. I didn't think I could last even 1 day but here I am on day 24. I was totally addicted to nicotine.
    I used 15mg patches for 2 weeks. I intended to use use them for a few
    months. But was going ok so I thought I'd halve them. Next day I forgot to put the patch on and I was good so I ditched them altogether.
    The big thing is I read the Allen Carr book on the Easyway to give up Smoking. You MUST read it. I bought a it at QV BOOKS for $24.95. You can buy it online almost anywhere.
    Since I stopped using NRT patches and I read the book I've not looked back.
    I will NEVER smoke again not even one drag.
    You MUST read this book. Trust me you won't have any cravings or regrets and you will kiss cigarettes good bye for ever.
    You are doing so well. No nicotine would be in your's all downhill from here. Easy for me now.
    One of our colleagues will send you a free link to download and read it. HAPPINESS will send dd it t o you.
    Keep at it it.
    Good luck
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW December 28, 2019 | 14:47
    Hi Trying, and welcome to the forum.
    This is a community where we can share tips, ideas, experiences and encourage each other to become and remain very content living without the smokes.
    If you have just joined today and have not read the many stories? Please make time to read some and by all means ask questions. you can bet that you can get a multitude of answers from various viewpoints that you may have never considered before.
    I'm wishing you can get past your hump real soon brother..... or sister?
  • Trying..., Hunter New England December 28, 2019 | 16:21
    Have down loaded the book and in the middle of reading it.
    Thank you for your uplifting messages,am having a hard time at the moment.
    I just have to remind myself at how well I actually and doing and reading everyone story is assisting with that.
    Also thank you for making me feels so welcome pisces24 and promote.
    I have actually never gone a a day with out a ciggerate before even with the assistance of 21mg patches I have only ever to down to 2 a day
    One in morning when I woke up and the one before I went to bed.
    So making it 6 full days is so good.,but also hard
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW December 28, 2019 | 16:51
    Its great that you realize how good you are going. Let the poisons leave your body tissues. If you let that mind wander back to missing that smoke too often ,well, you can easily become a mess.. The habit has to be broken and your doing that day by day.
    It is won in the mind.
    Its mind over matter
  • Nuts December 28, 2019 | 19:24
    Hang in there mate. The first week is the hardest and you are almost through it. You dont want to go back to day one do you ? Tell yourself ' I will not smoke today ' and take it one day at a time. It really does get easier. You must be determined and believe that you can quit. I know that you can do it. Read Allan Carr and stay with us. We ha ve all been where you are now and understand what you are going through. You can do it mate 👍😙
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 28, 2019 | 20:32
    You are so doing it. The nicotine will be totally gone from you very so soon. It's just dealing with the other stuff that you need to face. Once you read the book you're there. Keep going. You are so lucky like me to have these awesome caring friends who care andsupport you. We're here for you for the long run
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 28, 2019 | 21:27
    Just immerse yourself in the book.
    Embrace it and understand the Nicotine addiction...Once you understand it, and also not bash yourself up you will see a different side of things that will just "click" with you.
    You are doing it tough and fighting it and you are so strong and brave...but you will not struggle for much longer. You'll get it soon and it will be a cruise. I'll hold your hand until you get there.
    Keep going. Nirvana is waiting
  • dstfry123, Hunter New England December 28, 2019 | 23:43
    hi I was a 40 a day smoker for over 35 years. Im on day 56. It does get tough sometimes especially when you are so used to turning to them. I wear a 7mg patch everyday. If I forget to put it on Im alittle edgy and I dont want to feel that way when it so easy to just put a patch on. Dont let the addiction give you any excuse, any reason to pick one up. Come to terms that it is the addiction talking in your head and dont let it win. You are stronger than that. xx
  • Happiness December 29, 2019 | 3:57
    You are a courageous soul Trying....and you are stronger than you think, certainly stronger than nicotine.
    Congratulations on taking the first step towards freedom from nicotine. We all found our way here for our own reasons. On arriving, i think the first thing we learn is that this time it can be different. You are not alone and lost, but befriended and guided and it is a learning experience.

    Learn how nicotine is so addictive , that we were so shamed, that we even lied to ourselves. Every smoker says they enjoyed it, it relaxed them, gave them confidence and that it even tasted good!
    Do you remember that first taste? Did you cough? That was your body protecting itself. It did not taste good. Yuck! But as we inhaled even more our minds accepted what we were forcing on it. We stopped coughing, and we enjoyed getting our fix because nicotine is an addictive substance. Fixing the need for a fix was assuming that it gave us pleasure.

    Read and learn how nicotine gave us nothing. It was all an illusion, a brainwashing that the government, tobacco companies and even society in general helped to create. How often have you heard that it was so hard to quit smoking? How often have you been told that it can be easy to quit?

    Well it is easy to quit.

    To quit smoking all that is required is to not smoke. Why would you want to?
    When the truths are exposed, who would desire to suck that filth into their lungs and pay for the privilege of poisoning themselves. We knew that and yet we DID continue. WHY? Because we never believed that we could quit smoking. We didn't dwell on the truth because it was so ugly, and we felt so helpless. We resigned ourselves to the fact that we would die smoking.

    My quit was easy. I did not plan to quit, so you would think that that would take even more convincing wouldn't you. I was searching for other ways to keep my health BECAUSE I COULDLN'T QUIT SMOKING!

    I found a ginger and turmeric detox, didn't feel like smoking, had a look at a quit smoking forum, joined and set a quit date. I cut down drastically and then decided to just go cold turkey and didn't wait the extra ten days. Cutting down was the hard part. Once nicotine was out of my system in 72 hours, i had no cravings. WHY? Because I wanted to quit. That is what we call the mindset, changing how you view cigarettes and wanting to be free of them. If you Embrace the journey, rather than fear it, you stamp out the desire to smoke and hence have little or no cravings.

    I think that Pisces just proved that even coming off of nicotine patches, there are no cravings. Nicotine really is powerless once we believe than we are stronger than it is. Read my story, but please read Pisces story, especially "Cold Chicken". She is indeed proof that the mind is incredible.

    To read our stories, click on our avatars, find the title and enjoy. I even have one for Allen Carr's free e-book which everyone should read.

    Learn to want to quit.
    Mindset truly does make a big difference.
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 29, 2019 | 6:32
    Trying it's all true what HAPPINESS has just said.
    I'm not struggling or suffering and I've quit. I sometimes just can't believe how easy it is to stay quit too. NO WAY would I ever want to go back to my life as a smoker. WHY WOULD I?
    I can't believe how good it feels to NOT think about where when and how I'm going to get the opportunity to creep away for a cigarette.
    I can't believe how good it feels not to stink of smokes
    Also it's so good not to to fork out $42 on a packet of poison.
    It's so good to be FREE.
    I'm only sorry I didn't quit 47 years of ago.
    I didn't think I could.
    But I did.
    The book changed my life because I really changed my minds thinking after that. Once the Nicotine is gone all that is left is your own psychological triggers that you are fighting.
    BUT I'm not fighting them or struggling with anything awful.
    I'm HAPPY and I'm FREE!!!!
    I still have "moments" where smoking comes to me. But they are reminders.
    They can't be called cravings because a craving is something nice that you are
    want. I don't WANT a cigarette but its like you get a tap on the shoulder and your mind is asking for the cigarette. You just say NOPE. And that's it. It's just a memory or thought or flashback from the past. .You get used to knowing you are are not going to smoke like that ever again.
    If you have JUST ONE you'll be back on the roller coaster ride again.
    Back to your misery and back to square 1. Back to being controlled and unhappy.
    You've done the hard bit. Keep on.
    Gets so easy you won't believe it!
    Dont ever have JUST ONE!
    We're here to help bu t get into t h at book and set yourself free.
    You CAN do it
  • HMT December 29, 2019 | 14:57
    We are on the same time frame and you can do this!!!! So nice to be surrounded by like minded people who truly know the ups and downs of this fabulous decision. The choice is yours, and yours alone and you choose NOT to smoke. Go you good thing!!!!
  • Happiness December 30, 2019 | 7:51
    I hope today is a better one for you Trying. Many people have a tough time ending their relationship with smoking. I hope that you have learned some new things that put things in a new perspective. As one member pointed out the mindset is a feeling or belief in ones self. I and others can educate you on nicotine and smoking etcetera, but only you know how it makes you "feel". We offer "tools" so that you might be guided to a place where your mind can once again think for itself. We know the heart is another affair. You probably have felt a sense of betrayal, and yet still grieve for your life long friend. I hope now that you can give up cigarettes and know that you have new friends. Friends that really do care, can sympathize and understand and offer solutions in hopes of your future betterment. Join us and show others than there is life after smoking. ....
    Believe in you. Choose your friends, your future your happiness.....
    You have come to us, and we won't let you down.....
    Now, please read the on my name and find Allen Carr's free book.
  • Trying..., Hunter New England December 30, 2019 | 16:24
    Thank you all for the support you gave when I was stumbling.
    Much appreciated.
    I was having a really hard time on day 6.
    I have changed some thing and am in a total different place
    After reading comments from my first post that i made reaching out, and the majority of Allan
    Carr Book
    I removed my patch on Saturday night and didn't replace it.
    I am now on my 8th day smoke free and 2nd totally nicotine free
    Doing well as of today.
    Will take it day by day
    Again thank you everybody

  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 30, 2019 | 16:46
    You are a CHAMPION
    I'm so proud of you. I WAS like you one slowly and painfully clawing and struggling to keep from smoking. I was still yearning for cigarettes...
    Reading the book changed my mindset and direction.
    It's no longer a struggle to not smoke but a joy. Think about that.
    It's now so EASY ... I'm still surprised about that with me but it's true.
    You have definitely got this Nicotine beast by it's devil's horns and you are definitely winning.
    It's weird how our minds were fooled and in turn so were we.
    I wouldn't want one filthy drag..
    Keep going. Change your name from TRYING to DONE!
    Why would you WANT to do that to yourself again?????
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 30, 2019 | 21:30

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