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2119 and still going :-)

Posted in Quit experiences 25 Dec 2019

Wow....2119 days for me and a saving of just over $67,000.00! As hard as it can be at times, I am so glad I kicked the habit and stayed away from them. I noticed how expensive smokes are these days, I would hate to be trying to find so much money to pay for them.

Hope my story can motivate others to get off them. Yes it can be hard, but the rewards are certainly there. Health, money and the freedom of not relying on smokes to get through the day.

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  • Happiness December 25, 2019 | 6:40
    Congratulations Bradj62 for a journey well done! $ 67,000 is a whack of money to burn. I am so glad you decided that it could be spend on better things than systematically killing yourself.

    If people could only realized how we were duped years ago, and that we now have an opportunity to change our futures for the better. Quitting can actually even be easy with the right mindset. When you realize that smoking never did anything for you at all, well it is a game changer.
    Afraid to miss out? Non-smokers didn't miss out . Nicotine rules us for years, and I am so glad that i ended that merciless addiction.

    I hope you will stick around and ring the new year in with us . I imagine there will be plenty of people with their new resolution to quit smoking joining us and needing support. Who better than for someone like yourself with an awesome 2119 days under his belt?
  • Safe2017 December 25, 2019 | 13:30
    Congrats. What a great accomplishment.

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