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Posted in Quit experiences 24 Dec 2019

I finally read the Allen Carr book.

I'm 19 days using 15mg nicotine patches.

I decided after 14 days to halve them. The next day I forgot to put the patch on. I survived!

So I thought about using half every second day. I survived!

Then I thought do I really need them at all? NO!!

So now I have decided to go cold chicken....its like cold turkey after you have started on NRTs.


The big difference is that I READ the book.

I can see now that I was still a smoker who just wasn't smoking.

I wasn't FREE of them.

So from now on no patches or any NRTs.

I finally GET it.

Read the Allen Carr book.

Understand your ADDICTION.

Understand the drug Nicotine.

Understand yourself.

Understand that you are strong not weak.

Understand how good it feels to be FREE for a long time.

Be happy.

If you don't feed the NICOTINE monster within you he will shrivel up and die.


DON'T SMOKE EVER AGAIN and you will WIN and be FREE of cigarettes ruling and ruining your life

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  • Happiness December 24, 2019 | 7:36
    llmao Pisces. Well to each his own. Cold Chicken......i love it. You know you best. Congratulations on reading the book and seeing the truth. You see now that smoking never did anything for us, and of what use is it to us? NONE!!!

    We have been the victims of an illusion. Once you see it you can't un-see it.
    You can understand that you really are giving up nothing.
    You feared for not.
    Do you see why I had it so easy?
    All i did was see the truth, want to be free of nicotine and I embraced the journey.
    Why would you ever want it back in your life.
    Upon understanding that one simple thing, you can let the need , the want and the desire for smoking cigarettes go.
    Vanished like a puff of smoke.
    Be free. Be happy. Be smoke-free!
  • Happiness December 24, 2019 | 7:47
    Let me know if you have any nicotine cravings Pisces. Of course I doubt if there is any difference between kinds of cravings. MAYBE you won't have any cravings once accepting the journey fully. I accepted the journey but still anticipated having nicotine cravings. Allen says that even nicotine cravings are almost imperceptible if any. I am not going back to find out. If anyone's got an answer for this, by all means let us know.
    So your my girl! You've Got This. So Proud of You!
  • Red-67 December 24, 2019 | 8:15
    Why not cold chicken :) We have cold turkey, warm turkey, and smart turkey :)
    Just as a point of interest, the term, Cold Turkey, originated from a doctor, looking at the skin of someone in severe withdrawal, from hard drugs. The skin was cold and bumpy, like that of a cold turkey.
    You were, addicted to smoking. Now you can be free :)
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW December 24, 2019 | 12:16
    Hi Chook! lol.
    So pleased for you.
    Its marvelous that you no longer feel you need to use the nicotine patch after 2 weeks, well, its almost 3 weeks smoke free for you now.
    Congratulations and keep reminding yourself that you are in-charge.
    I would think that alot of people would use a Quitting aid for a very short time like you have, and, If Its called a cold chicken Quit so be it.
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 24, 2019 | 16:01
    Haha! Cold Chicken!
    Knew you'd love tha HAPPINESS 😘🙋‍♀️
    It's a bit quirky... it kinda happened by accident as I forgot to put put the half patch on alogether and I vwas alright so I tried it another day so here goes.
    I guess a lot is psychological.... well see. I'll be busy wolfing down Christmas goodies tomorrow so I won't notice anyways...
    Allen Carr says that pangs and cravings are good as it's the poison leaving your body.
    I'll let you know how it's going!
    Merry Christmas friends! Santa's already been to us!🎄🎅🙋‍♀️
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 24, 2019 | 16:04
    Did you have any bad cravings Happiness??
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 24, 2019 | 16:05
    Did you have any bad cravings Happiness?you said it was easy but is that in hindsight?
  • Happiness December 24, 2019 | 16:44
    No, I don't think they were bad. Hubby came home from work and I'm grinning like a fool. "I Quit ", I told him. He smoked next to me. Sure, i'd think , damn, i want one, but I just told myself it was almost day one over and in two days i'd be free. I didn't not feel like pulling my hair out or anything.Very calm. Kept busy reading and researching.Took my ginger and turmeric concoction, I think I got excited because i was doing it. I never thought that i could.....Absolutely nothing physical . Maybe felt a bit disoriented, out of body, cause it's the body adjusting, and the mind.

    I heard so much about anxiety and the psychological adjustment, but nothing after the nicotine was gone. I don't think I even heard about the "mindset" before coming to iCanQuit a couple weeks later. I kept telling the other site how easy it was. I swear it was supported by nrt. Everything i said i got chastised for by the administration. I went cold turkey of course and no one makes money on that.

    We say never again after bearing our first child, not that there was pain, but we forget and do it again. Only this time, once done properly is enough.

    You took a long time to read that book Pisces. Even Allen Carr knew people put off reading it because they were afraid that they would quit. Hubby picked it up years ago, and put it down because he was going on holidays. He just didn't figure he would have a good time without. He finished when he got home and then quit. Picked up the habit again having one every Thursday night after hockey. Bam.....a few times and back to square one.

    Both he and my daughter quit easily after reading the book. I knew i was not special. When i did read the book, i understood why I had it so easy. I wanted to quit, was ready to quit and I accepted the challenge, the change.

    Don't second guess yourself now Pisces. Believe.
    You are doing it!
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 24, 2019 | 20:44
    I won't second guess or doubt my friend...
    You are holding my hand and guiding me toward the.light and sometimes I feel like a child and you're my mum. I love trust you.
    You are my total inspiration and mentor.
    I'm resetting my Quit date. Christmas day is my day where I'm going cold chicken, turkey or whatever...
    No NRT. No cigarettes and no more confusion.
    I read some the book. The lights are on.
    I didn't read it before as it's so awkward as a PDF on a mobile phone screen. Going to buy a hard copy ad reread it .
    I have to say the patches did give me time to really get this together when previously I was so lost and possibly doomed for failure...'s possibly a new story...
    Anyway.. the penny has dropped...
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 24, 2019 | 20:47
    Ive I rezet mt QUIT date....What's a few weeks versus tha rest of your life...I don't care... Going forward
    CHRISTMAS 2020 is my goal.
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 24, 2019 | 21:23
    I've read the book
  • Happiness December 25, 2019 | 1:12
    You had a plan, and you know you. Stick with it as long as you are comfortable. It is the end result that matters. I would rather see you on the patch than get off and take to the gum. That is another addiction waiting to happen. Of course it is better to take the gum for a one time relief rather than smoke until you get the patch on and effective again. I have a feeling that you won't need either.

    I'm not sure if your goal is to stay smoke-free until Christmas 2020 or if you meant 2019 as your nicotine quit date. Either way, we are here for you.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season. Enjoy every moment unencumbered by the need for a fix.
  • TryingTK December 25, 2019 | 6:48
    Great job Pisces!! Honestly you’re confident and I truly believe that’s the key. You know that you are capable and therefore you’ve already done it! Smoke free new year yayaya!
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 25, 2019 | 21:12
    I've quit for 21 days but I feel yesterday is my real quit day as I'm not using any NRTs.
    They did help me come to terms with being a non smoker and to deal with the Initial withdrawal.
    I've read the book and a light has been switched on. I'm confident now not afraid.
    I'm not going back. I'm a NON smoker.
    I can't believe how easy it was today. I'm wary as it was so easy. I did think of cigarettes today but DID NOT crave or want them.
    I'm kinda surprised this has happened to me. Happiness said that is how it was for her.
    One day doesn't mean it's in the bag
    BUT ...
    it just might be!
    I cannot wait until I stand tall and announce that 1 year QUIT anniversary for me.
    Christmas day 2020 I'll see ya soon.
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 25, 2019 | 21:25
    I k e your ginger and turmeric concoction recipe.please Happiness.
    I'm drinking Film at Red Rooibos with Turmeric Ginger Cinnamon and nutmeg
    I don't know yet if you it's helping but it is nice and I it might help with detox
  • Happiness December 26, 2019 | 0:27
    This is the one that I used. I see that it doesn't have black pepper. Add a dash of pepper because i have read elsewhere that pepperine in pepper activates the curcumin in the turmeric. I did not add the honey, I just took a Tablespoon morning and night with a spoon of honey to chase it. Ugg.
    The tea may be good but I used it like medicine.( I only used real ginger in this recipe)
    Later i did just add powdered ginger and turmeric to chicken base for a soup/broth to cut down on coffee (caffeine has more effect now that nicotine is gone)
    Adding the spices to almond milk (or milk) with a touch of cinnamon was pretty good. There are lots of recipes along those lines but they didn't use onion.

    The battle is won in the mind Pisces. But this concoction is chock fun of goodness. Why not reap some added health benefits while you gain piece of mind.
    Proud of you. I knew you could do this!
  • Happiness December 26, 2019 | 0:36
    Your drink sounds lovely, and if you have tried it and enjoyed it then by all means make it. Experiment with the amount of each spice until it suits you.
    We get onion in our diet in other ways. I would still add a dash of pepper to your drink like i mentioned above. :)
  • Happiness December 26, 2019 | 0:37
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 26, 2019 | 9:45
    It is made by Dilmah. I hope that you can get that in Toronto...
    Try it as I think you'll like it. It will at least keep you warm
    I'll check your brew out. Can't hurt us.
    Day 22 and feeling great.
    Reminders of cigarettes pop up in my mind. That's all they are....
    I'm flashing forward. Still easy👍🙆‍♀️
  • Happiness December 26, 2019 | 15:25
    I am so excited to learn that you are not plagued by cravings. I think I only had the nicotine cravings for the first 72 hours because I was told that i would have them. With you accepting the journey first and then stepping off, there was a chance that they need not occur. The battle truly is won in the mind.........
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 26, 2019 | 17:22
    It sure is. Today I braved the Boxing Day Sales with one mission.....
    I wanted a hard copy of Allen Carr's book to keep with me.
    I've almost got to the end of another day
    with no patches etc or no cravings...
    Cigarette thoughts have happened but that's all t they were. reminders
    No day dreaming about just one more.
    I'm so DONE! I just cannot believe I am so good. I'd never go back for even 1 puff.
    Mr Nix is NICKED!
    I'll ke keep you all posted daily.
    That's why I want the book. If ever I should waver I can get my inspirational fix quickly from the book.
    The 2 and a bit weeks on the patches paved the way for me to be where I am so it's a good progress. I wasn't in a hurry. It just happened
    I thought I'd need them for months.
    I've given them away I'm so confident I won't need them.
    Just need the book to reaffirm what I know now...
    Still day by day bit not struggling or "moping".
  • Happiness December 26, 2019 | 18:07
    Actually, i read his second book, How to Quit Smoking Permanently. This book is pretty much the same but with extras because he failed some people with the first book. So while you are shopping, you might consider that one.(updated version) It this edition, he says about not letting go because we are looking over our shoulders , waiting for that which we hope will not happen.....that kind of sounds like what you are doing. ....

    Yes, it seems too good to be true, that it can be as simple as that, but as I have written all along, It is the Mindset..... the Battle is Won in the Mind!

    You have been open minded, willing to learn, and above all embraced this wonderful change into your life. You think like a non-smoker and non-smokers don't have cravings or fear that the nicotine demon is a threat.

    Use caution. Join us here and help others while re-enforcing your beliefs, but when you believe you are free, then you will truly be free.
    Stop expecting the worse..... think like you are free...and you will be.
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 27, 2019 | 10:39
    I really have to say from the beginning that was the first strong feeling I had. No more planning and creeping around to sneak a cigarette in. From the first one in the day to the last. Lot of pressure.
    Hiding the butts.
    Hiding the smell and smokers breath. Hiding and lying all the time.
    It just had to be done.
    So initially that was the first powerful positive I felt. The stress of doing that was gone and I felt a great burden was lifted and I don't have to worry about where I'm going and where I will be able to get that smoke in multiple times. Hard going!
    Smoking doesn't RELIEVE stress it CREATES it. Did for me anyway.
    I won't let that nicotine monster have one more nip at me. He's done.
    My book is the 30th Anniversary Edition.
    I will always keep it near me. I won't lend it either. I like re-reading it as it seems more powerful. This book has a new forward.
    I just wish I had read it before quitting. Doesn't matter now though.
    Still going along the easy road. I'I'mfeeling very hsppy and in c ontrol and positive. I its such a great feeling ...
  • Nuts December 27, 2019 | 14:28
    Well done pisces . I quit using patches as well. I started on step 2 and cut them in halves after 2 weeks and then quarters after another week. Week 4 i ditched them altogether. Didnt miss them at all. Was a little bit worried about day 1 with no patch. Had a backup one, just in case. Didnt need it. You dont need the patches for months like it says on the pack. They want us to buy more so they can make more money. If i am brutally honest with myself, i probably didnt need them at all. But at the time it helped me get my head around quitting, so i dont regret using them at all. I am so proud of you. So man y people use NRTs for far too long. You used them for a very short time and that is all you need. Love your cold chicken. Have a happy smoke free new year 👍🤗
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 28, 2019 | 14:52
    Thank you Nuts. Sounds almost identical to my road trip to freedom from NICOTINE.
    The Allen Carr book was my turning point.
    The book so helped me get over that mental block I had. I couldn't really believe or imagine I could be a non smoker.
    Now I am.
    Day 24.
    I realised that I didn't know even think about cigarettes today after being awake for about 5 hours...normally wouldve planned at least 3 cigs so that's a big difference for me.
    It's so good to be FREE and proud of myself too.
    Happy 2020 with no smoking is a be a utiful moment for me.
    I've had the first Christmas forv47 years without a cigarette.
    I'll have the first New Year's Eve for 47 years.
    My first birthday without a cigarette for 47 years.
    This is so w wonderful. I'mvery happy and RELAXED
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 28, 2019 | 16:03
    By the way...
    When I do think of cigarettes I don't think of them with longing or wanton g.
    Just thoughts pop into my head of when I would have NEVER got smoked salmon a t t hi s by i me or in plac e or situation befor e you q hurt i ng.
    As I said I didnt even think about cigarettes this morning for 5 hours! That's a big change I my mindset
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW December 28, 2019 | 18:22
    The fact you are happy and relaxed is vindication that you have escaped the clutches of that Nico-Demon Monster. Almost a month for you now and Many of us really appreciate you being around,( Even if you haven't fixed that predictive text on your phone yet) LOL. Just saying, Hehehe.
    By the way, I love piscerians, because I am too, and never met a bad one.
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 28, 2019 | 20:52
    Half of t hat crap I didn't type ...I even proof read it and it changes it... driving me CRAZY .

    Anyways....I love ya too. Pisces are so ultra sensitive.....
    I'm glad you I'm around to ok but real g lad I've got mates like you. T thanks for every PuffNoMore. You're a game changer like happiness ... it's all good thanks to good people like you. Thanks again
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 28, 2019 | 20:56
    I'm using Samsung s8. It is changing what I type. I'm getting a new phone pronto
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 28, 2019 | 21:42
    Hey PuffNoMore .... how are you going? You're such a good friend helping everyone else but how's it going with you???
    Are you happy??? Lovin life??? I am.
    I think the you're a real nice bloke to help lost souls like me and I thank you. Forever.
    My children and grandchildren the b k y o u to o.
    As a Pisces do you like water??? I've found a lot of solace in a pool and rock pool just floating and letting go. The water soothes me. It's so beautiful. Just floating and feeling calm and happy... it's nice to find something nice. 🐟🐟🐟
    Go the Pisces
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW December 28, 2019 | 21:43
    Haha, I bought a samsung S10 for my girlfriends xmas present and she is saying that she is having a problem with texting now? I think its like you ? not sure yet.
    About that ultra sensitive thing with Pisces. I think it is pretty true. I have tried to toughen up like other star signs, lol, but , I am just a free spirit.
    WE Pisces have to beware of drug use, like nicotine and alcohol. And so does everybody else
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 28, 2019 | 22:06
    Yes but we sure need to be more careful... I'm not sure about s10 now.. You can turn off predictive text and I'll try that. I've never had smoked salmon!!! Haha
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 28, 2019 | 22:09
    Anyway... whatever happens in life isn't controlled by a filthy cigarette. I'm going forward. Just wanted to say thanks and appreciate your friendship
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW December 28, 2019 | 22:10
    I dont know that
    I now know.
  • Happiness December 29, 2019 | 4:18 Cold Chicken!!!
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 29, 2019 | 7:02
    Go the COLD FOWL!! We're all good...
  • Happiness December 30, 2019 | 0:57
    I take it that that is a line of Chickens doing the Happy Dance? lol
    I have no doubt that you are "good" Pisces. The question is.......
    DID YOU HAVE ANY CRAVINGS coming off of the patch/nicotine?
    That is what I would like to know. That is what Nrt companies don't want us to know......

    The mind is a powerful thing. Hubby told me that the first time he quit , he spend time in bed to get over the flu like symptoms. I didn't have any. It was quit easy, just thoughts of wanting to smoke, but easier somehow than the cravings had been in the days prior where i cut down from 30 to 3-5. I do not recommend that by-the-way. Maybe it was easier because I jumped to quit and knew it was only 72 hours. They were not bad, as I had probably come to believe the truth by that time....cravings are merely thoughts or desire. Lose the desire and no cravings.

    I was fairly certain in my beliefs and in your mindset when you tried this. Perhaps others will also come to believe. It certainly makes this journey an easier one by far.

    The definitions that I have found for cravings both had the word "desire". Did you have any "desire to have a cigarette after quitting nicotine?" A reaction or memory of smoking is not the same. It does not provoke a desire and is dismissed easily. Maybe I should ask then if you had either?

    You are doing great Pisces. I believe that you are free!
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 30, 2019 | 7:24
    To answer your question...NO.
    I had cravings whilst on the patches in the first 10 days. Then they abated. That's why I cut them in half.
    When I forgot to put the half on and I felt no different or any adverse affects I stopped using patches all together.
    I still had them there in case though. After 3 days I gave them away as I knew that I wouldn't need them any more.
    I've not had any cravings or desire to smoke which I attribute to the book.
    When you think about it the Nicotine was obviously well and truly gone by the time I ditched them so that part of the battle was won.
    I'm not sorry I went the NRT road first. It was a secure way to QUIT. My security blanket..
    I was very calm. I expected to be nasty and edgy but I was not.
    But I don't know if I could've done it cold/smart turkey like you...but I read the book almost 3 weeks too late. Should've read it first. It's all learning but I know I wouldn't be as good as I am had I not read the book.
    Cold Chicken suited me🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓
  • Happiness December 30, 2019 | 15:56
    Whoo Hoo.....Cel e brate Good Times Come On!

    Who cares what kind of bird? We are free!!! And if we flew the coop with least resistance it means that others can too! It just proves what has been said about nicotine altering our minds and that on learning the truth we can have the power back to control our own minds.
    Your answer didn't surprise me in the least Pisces. I know that you don't mind if I use your open mindedness and desire to be a non-smoker to help others to achieve it also.
    It is mind blowing even to me, that you accomplished this feat in just over 3 weeks. (even if i did it in 3 days) What if we had both read the book prior to quitting?....well i guess we will never know and that is A ok with me!

    I feel like we both proved something though...first I proved that there need not be any cravings if you truly embraced the journey to being a non-smoker, and you my friend, proved that once accepting the mindset and being a non-smoker, even nicotine withdrawals were imperceptible. (Just as Allen Carr claimed> I imagine he had a lot of grateful subjects to interview and document results to come to his conclusions. I am glad that we can verify it without renumeration.)

    We know the truth. We can only hope that it will help some others and to show just how powerful the mind can be.
    High five girlfriend..... we did it!

  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW December 31, 2019 | 0:09
    You Guys have had some victories lately. And I feel proud of all of them too.

    Here's a link to Dragon.
    Lets celebrate those victories and celebrate the new decade
  • Happiness December 31, 2019 | 1:21
    Thanks PuffNoMore. It is so good having you back with us. Soon we will be celebrating your accomplishments. Happy New Year To All!
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 31, 2019 | 12:05
    Thanks all. I am telling friends and family who are smokers how easy it can be. Like an Evangelist!!!
    If I get one only other smoker to QUIT well then I'll be happy...
    I think we've definitely proved it can be done and done with almost no discomfort...
    I am 27 days now and really smashing this.
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 31, 2019 | 16:29
    High 5 Happiness🙋‍♀️
    Fowls rule
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW December 31, 2019 | 23:19
    Hi Pisces.
    I think you said that you smoked between 5 or 10 cigs a day.

    Do you think that someone who smoked Between 30 and 40 a day may have a harder time Quitting? Or is it still just mind over matter?
    Sorry, I had to ask.
    I think you are Awesome and.....

  • Happiness January 01, 2020 | 5:09
    In Answer PuffNoMore.

    Consider this, when you wake in the morning (8 hr. sleep) there is only about &% of the nicotine left in your body as it diminishes by half every two hours. If nicotine withdrawl is physical, why would it not wake you? I believe that it too is mental, and while sleeping we don't think about it.

    Look at the numbers 40..20..10..5..2 1/2..1 1/4...5/8

    If you smoked 40, in four hours yours body would be at the same as Pisces who smoked 10 if you had both had your last cigarette at the same time.

    There really is so little left in your body come morning that when 8 hours of the 72 have already elapsed, in just 62 hours you should peak and start to feel better quickly. So if you got up Monday morning at 8:00 by 10:00 pm Wednesday night ... don't give in then...go to bed and in the morning you will be 82 hrs.

    When i threw my cigarettes across the room and had to get up to get them and smoke them with awareness, I cut down naturally.
    When I tried to see how few i could smoke, that was much harder and all I can think of is that i want one. The first drag brought relief. The next few dragsnot because i enjoyed them but to hold me over. I had joined a quit group and realised that i hated giving in to them.
    I set a date, smoked only 3 to 5 for the next day and the third day got dizzy on the first drag. Psyched myself up and quit cold turkey the next day.
    Knowing that I wasn't looking forward to the next one was much easier than clock watching.....I just kept busy and telling myself that i could do this. So many people were doing it and it was possible. Why not me?
    I was not sick or hurting, just a few reminders from the nicotine monster that he wanted to be fed. I simply believed that if i held out for the 72 hours he would leave. And he did.
    I saw people still wanting their cigarettes and having a helluva time letting go of their friend. I realized that they did nothing for me. That they would kill me one day, which is how i came to be searching on line for ways to better my health. Ginger and Turmeric. Laugh....but who knows.

    The mind is a powerful thing. Placebos work if the patient thinks they will. I had no idea that Ginger reduced cravings when I took it. I just though that it cleared lungs out for smokers or ex-smokers, so what could be the harm?
    Later when i didn't feel like smoking one morning i wondered why. Maybe it simply helped my body to react better with the anti-oxidants it provides.

    I won't look a gift horse in the mouth. Whatever i did worked. I simply wanted to share my experience and if others wanted to try it. Not much interest which may be too bad. I know i'm not going back to find out.

    You will find what's right for you PuffNoMore. After all this knowledge, are you not more afraid of not quitting than quitting? I mean the blinders are off, you still take everything in and you still want to quit smoking or you wouldn't be here.
    How did your girlfriend quit? She quit while you were trying did she not? Is she a member(no name required) or is she like my hubby who justs reads everything on my computer hooked to the tv?

    Happy New Year Friend, may the new year bring you the peace and freedom you desire.
  • Happiness January 01, 2020 | 5:12
    When you wake the nicotine level is reduced to 7% .
  • Pisces24, Central Coast January 01, 2020 | 11:25
    Happy New Year Puff! Thank you for being there for me.
    I smoked 5 to 10 a day. But EVERY day of my life. Without fail except when i was in hospital with a broken arm.
    I couldnt start my day without one or planning when I had one. I was so desperately hooked.
    So no I don't think quantity of cigarettes is the issue so its more a mind addiction than a nicotine addiction.
    It would be interesting to know if I had read the book first and went cold turkey if I wouldve been ok...
    I think reading the book helped me to learn and UNDERSTAND the nicotine addiction.
    Anyways... cold chicken worked for my feeble mind. I tricked it eh!!!!🧙‍♀️
    Just like magic....The penny dropped. I stopped WANTING and MISSING smoking.
    I cant believe how good it is to not smoke. The reminders come still but they are very weak and faded. I think I will always remember different times I smoked. Its been such a big part of my life.
    I have got some Dilmah brand ginger Tumeric and cinnamon tea bags. I look forward to them because they remind me im doing something good for myself. Ive read ginger and turmeric are good for you. I dont know if they do anything really and like Happiness said probably a placebo effect but there you go again. The mind thinks its good so it is good!!!!
    All I know is my mind doesnt want a smoke so all good for me.
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW January 01, 2020 | 11:45
    Thank you happiness for your response.
    I'll publish another story asking a similar question ( its a shame to spoil such an inspiring story here) which I'll highlight the ease of a quit from light smokers and heavy smokers.
    My girlfriend was a recreational smoker. She often went days without one.
    She had no debate or doubt in her mind at all.
    I'm the one who has the problem of addiction and habit.
  • Happiness January 01, 2020 | 17:07
    Yes Pisces, you are right, the mind once tricked us and now we can trick it. I did not think that using ginger was a placebo for me, although some if I told them it would work, might believe it and for them it would. That is not to say it does not work as some claim. I did not realize its capabilities of reducing cravings or nausea, so therefore, I did not find it to be a placebo effect, because I didn't expect anything from it . I used it for the health benefits prior to even thinking of quitting smoking. I continue to use it from time to time still for its health benefits. It makes a wonderful chicken broth to sip. It may or may not have been instrumental in my easy quit. My hubby nor daughter used it, and their quits were as easy as mine for the most part.
  • Happiness January 02, 2020 | 1:49
    You're still going strong Girl. That's great! We need great supporters like you and amazing stories like yours! When are you going to do your "HEADSPACE" story?
    Thanks for your nice comments, but I think I like staying at home nice and warm these days. I doubt that I would have much influence on the younger ones. People our age do relate. Hope you are safe where you are Pisces. It seemed quiet for a new years eve, maybe the fires also had something to do with it.
    While bored i figured out how to clap hands but couldn't find the fowl to do the cold chicken 🤣 You gotta love this's so heartwarming and hopeful and like you so honest and real! Keep up the great work as in your quit and in helping others.
  • Pisces24, Central Coast January 02, 2020 | 11:52
    You're such a gem💎💎💎
    The fowl is under animals...
    I think the cold chicken is now a roast chicken... well done now.🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗
    Goose is cooked on that story!
    Puff kinda hinted it was done too!
    It was a bit of fun and light hearted banter when its all so serious.
    Im Day 29...coming up for 1 month so ill start a new story then!!!
    Thanks all but especially you my sweet lady HAPPINESS...🐟🙋‍♀️
  • Happiness January 04, 2020 | 5:46

    🤞🤞🐟 ➕ 🐨🐨🐨🐨🐨🐨🐨🐨🐨🐊🐊🐊🐊🦉🦉🦉




    goodluck Pices and others from Australia and elsewhere
    who took a leap of faith
    with us to search for freedom
    And Won!!!
    May you forever be free!

    Can you tell i'm bored? Everyone is busy ready Allen Carr and learning their way to freedom. 😂😍❤👍
  • Pisces24, Central Coast January 04, 2020 | 12:11
    HAHA! You are a cracker🧨 HAPPINESS!!!!
    Thank you for kind wishes....
    Aussies are struggling at the moment with these awful bushfires. A lot of poor Aussies have lost their lives, homes and everything they own. Its a sad time here.
    I see you've been researching your emoji library! What are those black birds? Hope they aren't buzzards!!!!!!
    Yes I'm free and my son too has jumped on the bandwagon so 2 less customers for the Nicotine bandits to fleece!
    PS. What are the magnifying glasses for???

    I think we've started something...nice to laugh and have a bit of a smile..
    Take care. 🐟🙋‍♀️
  • Happiness January 04, 2020 | 13:48
    I needed my boost of dopamine and since i could really be of much help to anyone today, i decided to boost it by learning!
    Knowledge is power!
    Those birds flying proud and free are the American Bald Eagle. I wanted to use doves for peace and freedom but they were almost invisible.
    We who have succeeded are not invisible. We have regained our self respect and honour. We wear our scars valiantly and know that nicotine is no match for those who believe in themselves.

    We can stamp out to just get those fires under control. Thoughts and prayers are with you all from everywhere. ❤❤🙏🙏
  • Pisces24, Central Coast January 04, 2020 | 14:22
    I love eagles.
    We are definitely proud and free...get one of your Dopamine fixes from me... Now my son is quit.
    Thats 2 feathers in your cap👒🎩👑
  • Happiness January 05, 2020 | 16:05
    That is awesome news Pisces. I am so happy for your both.
    I believe you had another family member considering it. Perhaps they will follow suit, or try again now that they see that it is so possible. Did your son see your "cold chicken story"? It is truly an amazing story, and I know know that some of what I have surmised to be true really is.
    While I could not recommend for everyone to just rip their patches off, I have felt that it just prolongs the journey . Some like you who grasp the mindset or even some really struggling, i think that it cannot be helping. You were truly amazing in how you understood, trusted and believed. It was like watching the butterfly emerge from a cocoon.
    You morphed into something beautiful and inspirational . Keep on helping the others. You have a wonderful caring demeanor and people love you. We may not be Allan Carr, but I think we would make him proud. :)

  • Happiness April 16, 2020 | 8:05
    Hey. You and your emojis are missed. Drop a line from time to time to let us know you are well and hopefully still a non-smoker.
  • Happiness May 16, 2020 | 7:18
    Hey Lady. I sure do miss you here. I hope you and your son are still happy non-smokers. Drop a line and just let me know you are alive and well. An old story will keep it private if you prefer. A big hug to you. Keep well and safe.

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