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999 and counting

Posted in Staying quit 23 Dec 2019
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Howdy all, Wishing everyone happy holidays and all the best in the new smoke free year! Checking in at 999 days of being smoke free. I attribute 30-40% of my successful quit to this site and getting support from everyone by reading everyone’s stories. Thank you all who contributed. The other 30% came from NOPE mantra - not one puff ever. The rest of my determination came by way of cigarettes becoming way too expensive for my taste and not wanting to disappoint myself and my loved ones by restarting this awful addiction. To all those starting out one thing that I learned is that no matter how difficult it is in the beginning it does get better. Don’t give up. All the best to everyone!

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1 Comment

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  • Happiness December 23, 2019 | 13:43
    A great number Safe. Congratulations!

    We really can Beat the nicotine addiction. There really is only one rule. NOPE.
    If I should ever be tempted , I shall always remember you my friend.

    We are free!
    For now we see
    Don't be a dope
    Remember NOPE!

    NOPE.....Not One Puff Ever.......Play it the Safe way!

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