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Posted in Quit experiences 10 Dec 2019

I am almost 52 years old and smoked cigarettes for 42 yrs.

I started smoking at the age of 8. I began doing it regularly from the age of 15 where i progressed to smoking about 35-40 cigarettes a day by my early 20's.

I was with his father, who was also a heavy smoker when he passed away from lung cancer in 2000.

I developed a very persistent smoker’s cough that got progressively worse as the years went on. It got to the point where I couldn’t sleep and my energy began to drop dramatically. With the combination of a leg injury and my smoking, it became very difficult to get around in my daily life and around 2015, I was diagnosed with emphysema.

I became a couch potato, I was pretty much housebound, it was so hard to get up and do anything, I even had trouble making it to the local shop less than a kilometre away.”

I tried a number of methods to try to quit smoking. I tried patches, tablets, oral strips and cold turkey. All to no avail.

I switched to vaping in June 2018 and my doctor told me that my lungs had started to clear. I can now breathe a lot easier, am no longer waking up in the night coughing and can walk around with less difficulty.

I currently saving nearly $3500 a year since I started vaping.

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  • Rikki December 10, 2019 | 21:48
    Woah. That sounds scary. I'm glad you found a way to stop smoking that is beneficial for your health. Your case sounds harrowing, maybe one of the most extreme I've heard of. Im seeing a trend, of vaping working for people who were the worst of the worst and had tried everything else. It's good to see people still sharing their quit stories using a vapouriser despite the ridicule on this page. Keep it up and keep helping those in need.
  • Happiness December 11, 2019 | 5:26
    Hi oldaussievapor.
    Don't mind Rikki, also a supporter of vaping. We just don't quite see eye to eye on it. Welcome and thanks for sharing your story.
    Many people do find it difficult to quit smoking, and some have waited so long that immediate action may be necessary. That is when people take Nrt's which are a lesser evil than smoking. Giving our lungs a break can bring a lot of relief almost immediately. So I am glad that you found your way to do this.
    It seems while a lot of people posting lately did it by vaping and proud to say they haven't smoked a cigarette want to split hairs and point out that vaping is not smoking.
    Because i quit smoking so easily, I believe that others can too. Quit all kinds of inhaling products whether nicotine inhalers, or vaping (nicotine or not).
    I believe vaping can have a part in a good quit smoking plan as a temporary aid like others. Nicotine controls our lives and here on iCanQuit we will now have to include that as a part of our goals. Times have changed and new products are here.
    While we are happy that you have more mobility, better health and saved money, you could save more if not vaping and not take any risks at all. You could free yourself from the addiction of nicotine. Maybe you already have. So many posts of not smoking, but none announcing the best fact of all....they have broken the addiction of nicotine.

    Again, thanks for posting. Let us know if we can help you break that nicotine addiction or if you have maybe you would like to share how you did so. I am looking forward to hearing from you and your participation in encouraging others to be free...truly free.
  • AndrewCam, Western Sydney December 11, 2019 | 12:22
    Amazing story Oldaussievaper,
    Great story and keep it up
  • oldaussievapor December 11, 2019 | 13:04
    thanks rikki and andrew for your comments
    happiness i thank you for your comments but i feel you are just trying to downgrade my success
    i vape and i enjoy it much more than smoking, also i enjoy the diy aspect
    as i have discovered through a lot of research nicotine is only as bad as caffeine, i do not drink coffee
    while i do intend to cut down my nic, (am on a low dose anyway, 3mg) and eventually eliminate it, i do not consider a problem , considering all the evidence i have found that says that nic can be beneficial
    i am not 100% but i am a lot better thanks to nic vaping
    after the benefits that i have been experiencing through vaping i will not hesitate to recommend it to current long term smokers
    i do not miss the constant coughing, several coughing fits waking me up at night, inability to walk to my local shops, laboured breathing, chest pain, etc
  • Happiness December 11, 2019 | 14:59
    I am sorry you think i intended to do that. I am genuinely happy for anyone who can quit the vile habit of smoking cigarettes. I know you were probably summoned to come and share your story and did so willingly as to help others. For that i thank you very much. I also wanted to return the favour and just let you know that you were welcome, and hope you might learn somethings that we do here to stop our dependence on nicotine.
    After all that you have endured, i am sure that nicotine ruling your time is the least of your worries or cares. You are right that nicotine is less harmful to our general health of our bodies than tar and other chemicals.
    As long as nicotine is in your system it requires to be fed. Some of us here enjoy our freedom from that demand.

    As you did come here to help others is there anything that you can offer them to lessen the hold of nicotine over them? Did you join and group and how to they encourage you to lower your nicotine dosage? Is it a forum such as this, pep talk, talk of freedom.....?
  • Safe2017 December 11, 2019 | 15:12
    Oldaussievaper Keep going and don’t look back. If vaping is helping you to get to your goal of a full smoking quit then that’s the way to go. Cheering for your success. Good luck.

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