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Slip up

Posted in Quit experiences 27 Sep 2019

I was 4 months smoke free and I caved. I was wondering how I can go about getting off them again. I’ve only been doing it 2 weeks but I realise I can’t Just have 1 and need to quit again. Please help so angry with myself

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  • Happiness September 27, 2019 | 12:53
    Having been with the program for 4 months i should think that you have learned quite enough about yourself to try it again. First ask yourself how you failed yourself. NOPE is a mantra for a reason, and i am sure no one feels more foolish or angry than yourself. Be proud that you made the attempt, and although had this set back, find that need to be free of smokes again and forgive yourself for your moment of weakness.

    You beat the devil once, regroup and do battle again. This time remember the NOPE.... the E is for EVER!!!! Never forget the fact that nicotine causes addiction. Also check in with this forum on a regular basis. I don't recall seeing you comment lately. It would be helpful to know if you have been reading posts to date or let it slide. Please comment as the insight may prove helpful.

    Why not just go cold turkey this time. As you know, a craving is a craving whether for nicotine or psychological. You know how to fill the voids. Read Allan Carr and trust that this time you will stick with your dream of being a non=smoker. Embrace the journey. Believe you can do it again and not succumb to temptation. Don't let the devil take back what you worked so hard to achieve.
  • penelopejane September 27, 2019 | 22:18
    Well done with a four month quit. Let go of the anger. Plan another quit date. Be in the moment.
  • softly40 , Mid North Coast September 28, 2019 | 6:51
    Its ok, this time though try NOPE as suggested, in case your wondering NOPE stands for "Not one puff Ever" keep this Mantra in your mind and this will help you maintain your commitment. Stay close to the forum, list your triggers especially the latest one, get back on your bike and start again, the nicotine is the bad guy not you.
  • Safe2017 September 28, 2019 | 8:49
    Having a 4 months quit is an achievement already. Be proud but learn from your slip up. Yet, from personal experience I can tell you that most of former smokers slipped one time or another. Happened to me twice, once after a two year quit and another one after one year. Now I am on my third and final quit practicing NOPE. Regroup, get your mindset in the right frame of mind and try again realizing that there will be craving and withdrawals again until they go away. Don’t give up. Sending Courage and perseverance your way. Good luck.
  • Aniruddha September 28, 2019 | 22:09
    Be proud of yourself for a 4 month quit. Try again. Keep the emotions out of it.
  • Lia September 29, 2019 | 22:45
    Hi. Can't you just carry on as if you never erred. Talk to this community if you ever dare to do so again. Plenty here will understand and hopefully reaffirm what you already know. You, after all, are in the driving seat. You control your own destiny. Shout it from the rooftops on this site. You will be heard.
  • Lanaricki , Hunter New England October 01, 2019 | 18:01
    Hey guys thank you so much for the support! Tomorrow I am going to start fresh and put them down ☺️
  • Happiness October 01, 2019 | 23:27
    Make a plan and stick to it. You can do this Lanaricki and this time you will not put yourself in the position to have to start over again. This time you will appreciate what being free means and how much better your future will be without the pickpocket and elephant on your chest. Feel good about yourself again and just do it. You know you can.

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